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National Grandparents Day

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On September 13, Sunday, we celebrate National Grandparents Day!


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Make it even more special through personalized gifts. At Snappy Photo Gifts, we have everything your grandma or grandpa wants including zippo lighters, knives & tools, games & puzzles, drinkware, coolers & koozies, car accessories, kitchenware, and more.

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Personalized Gift Wrapping Ideas for Any Occasion

There are many different occasions throughout the year that provide a great opportunity to give loved ones special gifts. No matter what the cost a gift or keepsake may be, whether it’s lavish or inexpensive, preparing each gift item with unique gift wrapping is the one of the best way to show just how special the gift and the receiver are.

Wine_Koozie_21Special Gift Wrapping for Bottles

A simple and sophisticated gift that suits most occasions for adults is a nice bottle of wine, champagne or other fine alcoholic beverage. Most people will simply place the bottles in a decorative paper bag or wrap it tightly with some tissue and plastic wrapping paper, but this type of wrap is very common and does not place much importance on the gift inside. To really add a special touch, there is the option to place the gift in a personalized wine tote bag or custom wine sleeve.  Custom print a nice pattern, photo or personalize them with a name or initials. The best part about giving the tote bag is the fact that it can be used over and over again. The personalized sleeve can be used as a memorable keepsake, especially for occasions like weddings, anniversaries or graduations.


cake_pan1Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Kitchen

For loved ones who just love to cook and bake, there are several unique gift wrapping options that are fun and useful for the one receiving the gift. When preparing a set of items, especially baking or cooking accessories, a fun way to present them is to arrange them in a personalized cake/casserole pan. Kind of like a gift basket, the casserole pan is functional and has a special added touch of having a name printed on them.  If a cake or casserole pan is not the best fit for the gift, placing gifts on a personalized round cutting board could be just the thing. The cutting board can be used as a stable platform to stabilize large gifts or to display smaller ones.


ornamentAdd Charm to Gift Wrapping

Even when there are no specific gifts in mind or if there happens to be an oddly shaped gift that may not be easy to wrap, there are still special additions that can be added to any gift from a humble bouquet of flowers to a care package filled with different items. On top of average wrapping paper, plastic wrapping paper or gift bags with tissue. A custom double sided ornament or an engraved charm can easily be tied to any gift as a way to specially personalize it for the gift receiver. Add a name, monogram or special message of love.

Get Accessorized for Beach Season!


The weather is warming up and it’s time to hit the beach. Enjoy the hot sun and spend some time cooling off in the water. When going to the beach, no matter how many people seem to go together, there always seems to be something missed and a worry about what to take and how to keep things safe while relaxing with friends and family. Sure, there are many people who take a large tote for everything they need for an afternoon outing, but there is still the chance that items can be taken or misplaced, especially common-looking items that many others may have as well.

The best way to go out to the beach is to take minimal distinctive items that are also easy to spot.

Personalized Tub Cooler

A soft collapsible tub cooler is perfect for any summer outing. They take up little space when packing up many items and can be used to keep drinks cool for as long as you need them. Customize the tub with a name, monogram or unique pattern.


Personalized Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are an eco-friendly option and stainless steel bottles are ideal for keeping drinks cold for a longer period of time. Choose a fun pattern, bright color and print out a name so it will never get mixed up with anyone else. These bottles are also a great way to spot it when jumping out of the water for a quick drink.

Monogrammed Pashmina Cover-up

A pashmina is a fashionable and versatile accessory that can be used as a swimsuit cover-up, a shawl, head scarf or even tied into a fun summer top. Add a touch of elegance with a custom embroidered monogram.


Custom Designed Flip Flops

Flip flops are the summer footwear of choice for most people, especially when planning a day out to the beach.  The biggest problem that most people have is losing their flip flops or getting them mixed up with others when there are several pairs that look alike. Get a pair of vibrant and distinctive footwear to look great and ensure you’ll be able to find them anywhere on the beach.

Custom Engraved Key Chains

Key chains may not seem like something important to take to the beach but they can be quite useful to keep keys rings and other valuables close by. Clip them to swim shorts, swimwear or attach them in any hidden compartments within totes and beach bags.

Personalized Dog Tags

Just like key chains, dog tags attached to waterproof chains are a great way to keep valuables on hand without worrying they will be lost in the water or on the beach. The best part about wearing dog tags is the fact they are unisex and look great on and off the beach.

Enjoy your time at the beach this season with fun trendy items that keep your valuables safe and easy to find. Pack everything together in a brightly colored personalized beach tote top complete the set. Guarantee a fun day out knowing your belongings are together in one place.

How to Choose the Right Gifts for Grandparents

810_frameThey are the ones who spoil the little ones and teach essential life lessons. Grandparents are important in every family unit and certainly loved by everyone, especially the grandchildren. Whether it is for a Birthday, holiday or just a token of appreciation for any day, show your love by giving grandparents custom made gifts that are special and unique for any time of the year.

Children love to craft and paint special artwork for their family. One of the best gift ideas that would be perfect for grandparents is a personalized frame that proudly displays a photo and artwork from the little ones they love. There are many different frames that come in a wide range of sizes, which makes it easy to fit any artwork. Most frames will also have the option to add an engraved message and other special frames can easily be customized with images, graphics and words. It is a simple gift idea with a huge loving touch that anyone would love to receive.

pillow_sham_polyFor those days when grandparents just want to sit back and relax, why not give them a gift that they can use and enjoy? A lovely gift idea that is comfortable and reminds grandparents of their beloved grandchildren would be a set of personalized pillow shams. They come in standard sham sizes, which are easy to throw on existing pillows, and they work well with virtually any home décor. Grandma and grandpa will surely love to see those smiling faces each day, especially while relaxing at home.

For the grandmothers and grandfathers who love their morning coffee or tea, there is a cute gift idea that they can use every day while looking into the faces of their loving grandchildren. A custom printed mug is a sweet functional item that works perfectly for both grandparents throughout the year. They can both be printed and designed with the same photograph or two different photographs of their pride and joy.  If a simple mug doesn’t seem like enough, there is always the option of giving a set of mugs with different photos printed on each one. white_mug15Create a mug according to each season, holiday or one mug per grandchild. The possibilities are endless and they are sure to put a smile on their faces!

Giving grandparents a gift for any occasion does not have to be extravagant or even expensive, they only have to be from the heart. Think about what they like or could need and make that gift extra special by making it more personal. Even if the grandchildren are not around every day, they can still enjoy seeing them through simple personalized gifts that can be used or seen each and every day.