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The ‘ber’ Months are Coming

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The ‘ber’ months are coming with September paving the way for October, November, and finally December, for Christmas. So before we start celebrating the Yuletide season, we feature ornaments you can order in advance to decorate your Christmas tree. We have personalized items made from glass and is shaped like a bell, heart, star, oval and tree. Stockings and mugs are also available. You can also celebrate firsts this Christmas such as the first for a baby boy or baby girl, for kitty or puppy, and for newly weds.

personalized christmas ornaments



To see these items above and to order, visit this page.

Happy cold yet celebration filled ‘ber’ months!

A Grand Day for Grandparents

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It’s a grand day for grandparents on Sunday, September 7 through the National Grandparents Day. Let Snappy Photo Gifts help you celebrate this special day by offering your grandparents with gifts.

Personalized Ball Pen

personalized ball pen


Grandma and grandpa loves to write during their retirement years. Encourage them to finish writing a book or simply scribble their thoughts in a journal through this personalized ball pen.

Choose colors of black, blue, chrome/silver and gunmetal. You can personalize it with one line of up to 20 characters.

Pencil Holder

pencil holder


Match the ball pen with a pencil/pen holder. For this design, you can choose between mahogany or purple. You may check out other pencil holders on sale too.



Last but certainly not the least is this bookmark holder. I’m sure grand dad and grand mom also love reading. This item can be personalized with their photo or yours for remembrance and features a slot at the top to hold a page.

Give a gift to your grandparents on National Grandparents Day!

4 Beach Tote Bags for the Summer

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Here’s a continuation of our tote bags feature. In this post, we feature more tote bags for the summer, particularly for beach trips.


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Personalized Beach Tote ‘Em Bag

personalized tote bags

The Personalized Beach Tote ‘Em Bag is a large, long, and strong multi-purpose tote which can carry everything you need not only for the beach but for other purposes as well including gym sessions and short trips. It even comes with a snap enclosure for valuable items including wallets and cell phones.

Personalize it with 3 monogram letter initials using any of our 15 threads.


Personalized H2O Tote Bag

The Personalized H2O Tote Bag is more than just a water bag. It can carry other items as well for a session at the gym, a beach trip, and more. It’s available in three lively colors (currently available in blue only) and can be personalized with one line of seven characters using any of our 15 signature threads.


Personalized Cabana Tote Bag

How about the Personalized Cabana Tote Bag? This fun looking tote can be carried with a clutch handle and also comes with a shoulder strap option. It comes with four vibrant color designs (currently offered in red only) and can be personalized with one letter using any of the 15 signature thread colors.


Personalized Candy Striped Beach Tote Bag

The Personalized Candy Striped Beach Tote Bag is a small but terrible bag and perfect for the beach as well as everyday purse needs. It comes in either navy or pink color and can be personalized with one line of seven characters using our signature threads.


Bring and home any of our beach tote bags now!



Graduation Gift Ideas for Him and for Her


Graduation time is upon us and many proud family members are counting down the days until the big day arrives. To commemorate this special occasion, many people choose to get a personalized graduation signature frame with a photo of the graduate right in the middle for all to see. Such a wonderful celebration deserves words of joy and encouragement, which is why a fun signature frame offers plenty of room for people to write out their special message.

one10For the graduate who will certainly party the night away in celebration of their new diploma, why not give them a thoughtful yet playful gift as a sweet memento? A personalized bottle opener is a great gift idea that can be used over and over again. The added message or graduation date is an extra touch that will remind them of their hard work and accomplishments. Drink bottles are not included, but for those feeling a little more generous, a full cooler will also be greatly appreciated!

one35These days, virtually every graduate will have a variety of gadgets and electronic devices like iPads. Giving a professional gift with a custom touch is one of the best gifts that can be used every day, both at home and into new workplaces. A custom engraved iPad case with a classic monogram is a great choice for a sophisticated look.

agent_cufflinksFor any graduates entering a professional workplace that requires business attire, a sweet and clever gift idea is a pair of personalized “secret agent” cufflinks. They are beautiful modern cufflinks that can be personalized with engraved initials but they also have a unique design that anyone would just love to wear. One side of the cufflinks opens up to a secret compartment that holds a small rolled up piece of paper. Send them off with words of encouragement or slip them a joke to ease nerves so they can work with confidence.

bag1Some new graduates plan a world journey to celebrate their achievements. For these travel-bound adventurers the perfect gift is one they can use, so choose a personalized travel kit that holds everything they would need for travels abroad. It’s a stylish travel set in a leather trimmed pack and also has a beautiful metal panel that can be engraved with initials. Not only will this set help identify personal travel bags but it will also keep memories of their travels alive every time the pack is used.

Graduations are one of the proudest moments in everyone’s life. They should be celebrated with loved ones and commemorated with special gifts that will honor this special time in life but also offer a wonderful gift that can be used in the future.  As graduates move into their chosen professions, these keepsakes will remind them of their hard work and struggle, to truly appreciate all they have achieved.

Fun Personalized Birthday Gifts and Decoration Ideas

If you have a Birthday coming up or are planning a surprise party for a loved one, choose to make it a special one with unique personalized party decorations! You may be thinking to yourself that personalized gifts and decorations are very expensive, but really, they are actually quite affordable. This is especially true when you choose key items to mix in with standard party decorations like streamers and balloons.

VegasIf you are planning a themed party, make the guest of honor feel extra special with a personalized sign.  It will look great with any party decorations and really stand out for everyone to see. Place the sign at the entrance to the party venue, place it near food and drinks or hang it at a central location for everyone to admire. At the end of the night, it’s also a wonderful keepsake that can be added to home décor and bring back memories for years to come.

mug_morph55If the party is for a younger audience or you would like to add something cute to the décor, consider a personalized stuffed bear with a photo of the Birthday boy/girl right in the middle. It’s an adorable look that really makes the atmosphere feel fun. Tie a bunch of balloons to the bear to really make a dramatic impact! A sweet

sandstonecoaster_copy1Other great unique party decoration ideas that look great but are also functional are custom printed coasters. They are perfect for protecting furniture from water stains but also look great when personalized with entertaining photos of the guest of honor with their friends and loved one. They are simple coasters but a superb way to walk down memory lane with everyone.

810_frame16A fun addition for birthday decorations are custom printed can wraps. Instead of advertising different drink brands, wrap them up in personalized covers that make all of the drinks unique to the party. They look great for adult or children’s parties and can easily be printed with a variety of photos. The best part is they can be reused for many different occasions throughout the year.

Look outside of the box when planning a fun birthday party by using decorations that are beyond the traditional ones. Mix, match and play around with different ideas. Use a few personalized items or go all out with a whole set for something really special.