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Labor Day Monday

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Here’s something to help make your Labor Day Monday (September 7) celebration even more fun!

If you’re planning on a picnic, you’ll definitely love coolers and koozies which you can bring anywhere you go on this national holiday – the park, the beach, and elsewhere.

And to make sure no other family or group mistakes it for theirs, you can personalize the cooler bags using your own name. You can even choose colors, threads, and other options available. For the rest of the coolers and koozies available at Snappy Photo Gifts, click here!

Some designs for cooler bags you can choose from include the following (click on the image itself or the product name to purchase):

Make Women’s Equality Day a More Meaningful Observance

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Let Women’s Equality Day be a more meaningful observance through personalized gifts for her from Snappy Photo Gifts!


This special day is more than a day to commemorate how women have been given the privilege to vote. It’s also a day when we simply celebrate women for who they are to out lives; moms, siblings, friends, special someone, and more.

Some gifts you can personalize include phone or gadget accessories, luggage tag, tote bag, cosmetic bag, wallet, wine glasses, wine barrel, koozie, flask, water bottle, coffee sleeve, mugs, poker set, business card holder, spa set, and more.

For the complete list of options you can choose from, see this page.

4 Ways to Make Senior Citizens Day Special for the Elderly

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It’s Senior Citizens Day!


You can show your love and gratitude for the elderly in different ways.




Why not invite your seniors for a date? It can be lunch, dinner, a special holiday vacation, or even just a simple walk in the park.

A Simple Greeting

If it’s not possible to visit or schedule a special date, you can always just greet them over the phone or online if they know how to use the web for emails, chat, video call, or even social media.


You may also send a gift like old school style greeting cards, a bouquet of flowers, and even a gift. In relation to the latter, we recommend personalized gifts.

And there’s no other source for the best personalized gifts for various occasions including Senior Citizens Day than Snappy Photo Gifts. Find various products you can personalize with your choice of colors, design, style, photo inset, and caption.

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Visit an Elderly Community

You may also organize a group and visit an elderly community. You may organize a party, cook meals, or simply be there for them.

Happy Senior Citizens Day!

Gift Giving Ideas for a Family with a Limited Budget   

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It’s oftentimes not easy to find a perfect gift for our loved ones. In most cases, the ideal gift is no longer ideal after we discover that the price is beyond our budget. Will you not be disappointment after realizing that the gift you finally give isn’t the first choice? Yes, but it’s certainly not the end of the world.

There are numerous gift giving ideas which can be considered on a limited budget because you can always give gifts that you make yourself! Whether or not you are good in arts & crafts, you can always find something that can be altered, edited, and created to showcase your creativity and innovation. Whoever you are sending the gift to will definitely appreciate the time and effort you’ve exerted to make the handmade gift.

There are supply stores where you can purchase materials you can use for handmade arts & crafts. You just need a little inspiration to come up with something the gift receiver will appreciate. Most of such stores even offer discounts for bulk purchases and offer books or materials with design to give you an idea what you can make from their materials. Even their staff can possibly help you with designing.

Gift Ideas

So the real problem is what type of gift you are to give. Other than suggestions from the craft supply store or even from books of designs, you should also keep in mind what the gift receiver likes in order to make something he or she will definitely appreciate without spending too much on an expensive gift.

Handmade Jewelry

There are countless ideas for handmade arts & crafts you can do at home. One of the most popular ones, particularly for women are homemade jewelry. You can vouch that almost any woman can appreciate a piece of jewelry for a gift such as a necklace, bracelet, rings, or pair of earrings, anklet, and more. It will make any woman be proud to wear a jewel that’s unique and crafted specifically just for her by a local artisan. Yes, you can call yourself an artisan now after you are able to make handmade jewelry!




For more jewelry gift ideas, visit this page from Snappy Photo Gifts! 


Baked Goods and Baskets

Another ideal gift are baked goods. You can even potentially start a business out of it in case it becomes a hit not only to the person you are sending the gift too but for everyone else who tried sampling your baked goods such as cupcakes, cakes, bread or pastries, and any other baked products you can think of. Do make sure that the person who is receiving the gift do enjoy baked products. But hey, who can say no to a tasty chocolate cake or any other sweet dessert? Even guys will appreciate one.

If you are not into baking, a basket of goodies can also do the trick. Use the arts & crafts supply we talked about earlier to design the basket and make it more presentable then place goodies such as the baked goods mentioned earlier (cookies and breads or more) and even candies, jams, and jellies. You may also place soaps, shampoo, toiletry, massage oil, spa products, and other personal items. These products can be purchased or also made at home.

More Handmade Ideas

More handmade ideas include your own personal paintings or other original artwork, floral arrangements, and monogrammed objects such as wallets, purses, bags, towel, pieces of clothing, and more. You can also weave clothes such as jackets and other products. Crochet is not yet old school and can still be enjoyed by anyone. So if you are gifted in the artistic side, you can definitely add more to this list or use the ones I’ve suggested.

Anyone will appreciate a creatively made gift. So this time, instead of buying an expensive one, why not be creative enough and make your own gift?