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Why do We Give Gifts during Christmas?

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personalized christmas itemsSo why do we give gifts during Christmas? When and how did this tradition start?

It was believed that the custom started during Jesus Christ’s birth when three wise men followed the star which led to the manger were Jesus was born. They brought gifts with them to offer to the infant Christ. These include frankincense, gold, and myrrh which individually signified something. Frankincense is used in Jewish worship, hence, signified that Jesus had to be worshipped. Gold on the other hand connotes royalty and Jesus is known as the King of Kings. Lastly, myrrh is a perfume applied to make dead bodies smell pleasant. This somehow predicts Jesus’ death on a cross, or tree in some historical accounts.

But the best gift symbolized by Christmas is Jesus Christ himself and his ultimate sacrifice to be crucified for the remission of sins and redemption of those who put their trust in him.

But gift giving during Christmas has gone a long way since. But one element remains; that is, the presence of a gift giver during this time of the year. A bulky built old man with white beard and red outfit flying through a reindeer held sleigh called St. Nicholas, Santa Claus or Father Christmas is the most popular. In Germany, they refer to such gift giver as Christkind; in Spain, it is the wise men; and in Italy, it is an old woman named Befana.

In most places, gifts are wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree which is to be opened during Christmas Eve or Christmas Day itself (25th) in the presence of everyone in the family. For children, gifts may be placed on shoes, boots, and stockings hanging by the fireplace. The latter is a custom which is believed to have originated from the story of St. Nicholas.

Some countries open Christmas gifts at a different time. The earliest of which is in Holland during St. Nicholas’ Eve on December 5. In Belgium, Germany, and Czech Republic, gifts are unwrapped the day after, during St. Nicholas’ Day on December 6. The latest is during the Epiphany (January 6) at Catholic countries like Spain and Mexico.

Schools, workplaces, and organizations also practice gift giving where everyone gets the chance to become a secret Santa and give a gift to whoever’s name they pick during a draw lot.

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Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Day Gifts Made Special with Baskets

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With Christmas day coming up next week, everyone maybe struggling with the thought of which gifts are best to give. It’s been a tradition every December 25th of each year and for those who are not celebrating it the first time, running out of gift ideas is a familiar scenario in preparation for a special occasion.

This year, Christmas day gifts can be made special when presented with gift baskets. Any type of gift when delivered with baskets is transformed from being regularly what it is into a unique, neat, and more presentable form. Paper gift wrappers are made to be torn in pieces and crumpled. Baskets on the other hand are built for strength and durability. They can also be kept as display items even after gifts they carry are no longer there.


christmas gift basket



Gourmet gift baskets are included among the top Christmas day gifts in baskets. This is because men in general love food. Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, breads, candies, chocolates, other goodies, and even specialty dishes can be wrapped in sealed containers and placed in baskets of gifts.

The size of Christmas day giftsdetermine the size of the basket needed. There are variations of basket sizes such as small, medium, and large. A special request may also be done to have a customized basket made based on the actual size of the gift to be given away.

There are also gift baskets with pre-selected items already included. Some of which may have one or more of the goodies mentioned earlier. Other items are nuts such as almonds, pistachios, or cashews, sweets and other foods like wafers, crackers, pretzels, baguettes, biscotti, chips with dip included like mustard, cheese or other types of spreads, mixed salads, olives, herbs, fruits, salmon and other canned fish, coffee, beverages, and alcoholic drinks like rum, brandy, or wine. Kitchen and food utensils may also be included depending on the type of basket purchased. These include bread cutters, spreaders, coffee makers, and the like.

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12 Days of Christmas Post Revisited

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“On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, a partridge in a pear tree…”

And you know the rest of the hymn…

Who wouldn’t sing to the beat of that age old song during this season? The 12 days of Christmas starts during Christmas or in some places after Christmas (the 26th) and extends all the way till January 6th (the epiphany). The same tradition is often associated with gift giving, with one unique gift sent to a loved one per day.

In one of our older posts, we had suggested personalized items you can wrap as gifts for the 12 days of Christmas. You can revisit that post here: 12 Days of Christmas Gifts.

Meanwhile, enjoy the lyrics to your favorite 12 Days of Christmas song!

12 days of christmas

Personalized Christmas Items at Snappy Photo Gifts

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personalized christmas itemsChristmas is definitely in the air with Snappy Photo Gifts!


In the previous post, we’ve featured decorative items for everyone’s first Christmas (dog, cat, baby, and couple). In this post, we are featuring other Christmas items you can purchase and personalize at our shop.


Christmas Ornaments

Let’s start with Christmas ornaments. We have 5 items made from glass which you can decorate your Christmas tree with. See this post 5 Glass Christmas Ornaments


Christmas Stockings

We also have stockings you can pin by the fireplace and put items in for children. You can be their Santa Claus and grant their wish! See  post Hang Personalized Christmas Stockings for the Holidays.


Christmas Mugs

Last but not the least are Christmas inspired mugs. Coffee lovers will surely enjoy a cup of coffee through these mugs all year round. See post Festive Hot Drinks through Personalized Christmas Mugs.


Check out all Christmas inspired items through this page.


Enjoy holiday shopping from Snappy Photo Gifts!