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5 DIY Gift Ideas You Can Try

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We love presents and wrapped gifts! People love surprises! We invest time and effort in return to find the best gift we can scout just to surprise our loved ones too.  Contrary to popular belief, nothing beats personalized presents and so here’s a compilation of do-it-yourself gift ideas that are easy and inexpensive which you can try.

1. Customized tees – If you are artistic by nature, you can personally paint and dye a shirt with designs that you know will surely be appreciated by the person you will give it to. Personalized tees are still ‘in’ because of the uniqueness a design brings. You can even print the picture on the shirt instead or add some scribbles and funny messages.

customized tees

2. Create your own personalized cookbook – If the person loves to bake and cook, then you can start compiling recipes, gourmet  tips, new truffles to bake and all other unique recipes that he or she might want to add to his or her culinary interests.

3. Make a do-it-yourself wall art – Another sweet yet frugal do-it-yourself gift idea you can surprise your loved one with includes creating a DIY wall art. This can be made of sea shells, potpourri, and colorful masks with messages that are framed. It’s a wall that he or she can see in her room every waking day. This will definitely be valued as you made the effort of making the person happy and special.

4. DIY scrapbook as a gift – For a photography enthusiast or maybe a writer as well, journals and scrapbooks are like bibles to them. So creating your own scrapbook is one of the do-it-yourself gift ideas which best suits their personalities. You can do it with colorful papers and adding stickers, cut outs, glitters, buttons, laces, leaves and hemps to make it cute and useful. And for sure this gift will be well taken care of and valued.

5. Sharing a personalized pod cast – One of the best DIY gift ideas is to create a personalized pod cast with your own personal message to the person, a compilation of her favorite songs, plus messages from her or his friends too as an added surprise. If you can even make a VTR for your loved one, then absolutely this will be remembered all the time.

Personalized and customized gifts are definitely priceless. Do-it-yourself gift ideas are unique and will definitely be remembered. Investing time and effort just to make your loved one happy on his or her special day is a sweet act of love and it has a tremendous effect, so this definitely is encouraged. There are just things in life that money can’t buy. So, if you want to do something different, then try something unique and personalized through DIY gifts!

Halloween Gift Ideas

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Who says Halloween is just for trick or treat or costume parties? You can also use the occasion to give someone special a gift. If you don’t know what to give, here is a guide on how to choose Halloween gift ideas:

1. The first consideration will be age. Naturally, gift options will vary depending on age bracket.

2. Personality types is another factor to consider. What does the person love to do? Do they read? If yes, you can send Halloween themed books. If they are artistic, a craft kit inspired by this season will be best. The same applies for those who love tinkering with household decorations, makeup, and clothing or accessories. Movie fans on the other hand will benefit from scary movie DVDs or a ticket to the movie house for a horror film showing. If they are attending a Halloween party, you might as well wrap them a costume or anything that will accompany what they plan to wear for the event.

For household decorations, here are some wall decor products you can choose from:

wall decor

The complete list of wall decor products are listed here.

3. If you can’t find a common ground based on the first two factors, just send them anything generic stuffed animals for kids, t-shirts for teens, and wall decorations for adults. You might want to just give treat too as if playing trick or treat regardless of how young or old they are.

Happy Halloween!

50 U.S. States and Official State Flowers

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The U.S. lists 50 independent states to date. Each state has its own capital, symbol, and trademark. Official trees, flowers, and even wild flowers where chosen to represent a state. These were chosen based on a few factors. The most common of which is the abundance of certain floral specie in the area. Some even compare their states with traits associated to the chosen flower.

Most online listing includes scientific names of each flower. In this site, only common names are provided. This makes it easier for you to remember a state and its official flower.

Here is a complete list of U.S. states and their associated official state flowers:


State                                       Official State Flower

Alabama Camellia
Alaska Forget Me Not
Arizona Saguaro Cactus Blossom
Arkansas Apple Blossom
California California Poppy
Colorado Rocky Mountain Columbine
Connecticut Mountain Laurel
Delaware Peach Blossom
Florida Orange Blossom
Georgia Cherokee Rose
Hawaii PuaAloalo
Idaho Syringa – MockOrange
Illinois Purple Violet
Indiana Peony
Iowa Wild Prairie Rose
Kansas Sunflower
Kentucky Goldenrod
Louisiana Magnolia
Maine White Pine Cone and Tassel
Maryland Black-eyed Susan
Massachusetts Trailing Arbutus
Michigan Apple Blossom
Minnesota Pink and Whitelady’s Slipper
Mississippi Magnolia
Missouri Hawthorn
Montana Bitterroot
Nebraska Goldenrod
Nevada Sagebrush
New Hampshire Purple Lilac
New Jersey Violet
New Mexico Yuccaflower
New York Rose
North Carolina American Dogwood
North Dakota Wild Prairie Rose
Ohio Scarlet Carnation
Oklahoma Mistletoe
Oregon Oregon Grape
Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel
Rhode Island Violet
South Carolina Yellow Jessamine
South Dakota Pasque Flower
Tennessee Iris
Texas Bluebonnet
Utah Segolily
Vermont Red Clover
Virginia American Dogwood
Washington Coast Rhododendron
West Virginia Rhododendron
Wisconsin Wood Violet
Wyoming Indian Paintbrush


US State Flowers

Although not listed in most official lists online, the District of Columbia presents the American Rose Beauty as its official flower. Guam, on the other hand has the Puti Tai Nobiu for its state flower. The latter is more commonly known as bougainvillea.

Northern Marianas is also not found in 50 known states but is recognized as a territory. The same can also be said of Puerto Rico. The former’s official state flower is the Plumeria. The latter’s is the Puerto Rico Hibiscus. This is a type of hibiscus which is uniquely found in the said territory.

Most flowers are enumerated based on popular names. More specific names can be mentioned. Add a certain color and it belongs solely to one state. The state’s name itself may be added to the flower’s name. This makes it entirely assigned to the said state. Examples are Puerto Rico and Oregon. The bluebonnet for Texas is also otherwise called Texas bluebonnet.

Some states share the same flower. These include Louisiana and Mississippi which agrees upon the magnolia’s charm. Arkansas and Michigan both has the Apple Blossom as their own official flower. Iowa and North Dakota shares the wild prairie rose. The rhododendron is chosen both by Washington and West Virginia. It is only differentiated with the pink colored one for Washington. The pink rhododendron is also called coast rhododendron.

The same color specific type rule applies to other states Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Vermont.


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