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Celebrate Child Health Day

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Snappy Photo Gifts is one with everyone in celebration of various special occasions and holidays throughout the year including Child Health Day on Monday, October 6.

Other than minding your kids health during this day, why not turn it into an opportunity to gift your children with a well deserved item due to an outstanding performance in school, for behaving, for helping out with chores at home, or for simply due to the fact that you love them.

For gift ideas, we have a list of products you can choose from. Some of which include casing for their well loved gadgets like the iPad, Kindle, and iPhone. A bookmark inside a book worth reading for kids also works. Lastly, you can place an item in a stocking as an early Christmas gift. These items can even be personalized to suit your kid’s needs in terms of color, style, and more. You can also include a special caption like their name, initials, words of wisdom or love.

For a complete list of products for kids, click here.

personalized gifts for kids

Personalized Kitchen Products for Eid al-Adha

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Other than Eid al-Fitr, another Islamic holiday celebrated through prayer and a feast is the Eid al-Adha or the Feast of the Sacrifice on the first week of October. It commemorates a similar event in Christianity, or more specifically the Jewish tradition when Abraham (Ibrahim in Islam) was tasked by God to sacrifice his own son Ishmael (Ismail in Islam) as a sign of his faith. God, of course, replaces the boy with a lamb instead.

Whether you are of Moslem faith or not, you can join the feast through a joyous meal shared with Muslim friends. You can help during the meal’s preparation or simply gift them with kitchen products they can use for cooking.

At Snappy Photo Gifts, we offer several kitchen related products which you can personalize using your preferred color, design, style, and text caption. Products include cutting boards, napkin holders, and bottle openers.


personalized kitchen products


For the complete list of personalized kitchen products, see this page.

The ‘ber’ Months are Coming

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The ‘ber’ months are coming with September paving the way for October, November, and finally December, for Christmas. So before we start celebrating the Yuletide season, we feature ornaments you can order in advance to decorate your Christmas tree. We have personalized items made from glass and is shaped like a bell, heart, star, oval and tree. Stockings and mugs are also available. You can also celebrate firsts this Christmas such as the first for a baby boy or baby girl, for kitty or puppy, and for newly weds.

personalized christmas ornaments



To see these items above and to order, visit this page.

Happy cold yet celebration filled ‘ber’ months!

A Grand Day for Grandparents

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It’s a grand day for grandparents on Sunday, September 7 through the National Grandparents Day. Let Snappy Photo Gifts help you celebrate this special day by offering your grandparents with gifts.

Personalized Ball Pen

personalized ball pen


Grandma and grandpa loves to write during their retirement years. Encourage them to finish writing a book or simply scribble their thoughts in a journal through this personalized ball pen.

Choose colors of black, blue, chrome/silver and gunmetal. You can personalize it with one line of up to 20 characters.

Pencil Holder

pencil holder


Match the ball pen with a pencil/pen holder. For this design, you can choose between mahogany or purple. You may check out other pencil holders on sale too.



Last but certainly not the least is this bookmark holder. I’m sure grand dad and grand mom also love reading. This item can be personalized with their photo or yours for remembrance and features a slot at the top to hold a page.

Give a gift to your grandparents on National Grandparents Day!