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Labor Day Love from Snappy Photo Gifts

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Here’s Snappy Photo Gifts own way of expressing our love for Labor Day, we present items that are perfect for your holiday trip or party:


Handbags and Totes

Women will never be out of style with these stylish summer themed handbags and totes.

summer handbags and totes



Cool Coozies

Cool down with coozies for your cold drinks. Bring them anywhere: beaches, parks, and even at home.



Cooler Bags

Bringing several bottles which needs to remain chilled? No problem! Bring along these cooler bags!

cooler bags


Happy Labor Day!

Featuring Snappy Photo Gift’s 15 Signature Thread Colors

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Nothing is more boring than plain old colors. But attractive, original, and new colors are always exciting. So at Snappy Photo Gifts, we bring excitement with every item through our signature thread colors!

If you’re a Snappy Photo Gifts regular customer, I’m sure you have come across various products you can personalize through any of our 15 signature thread colors. In this post, we’d like everyone, new and old clients alike, to be acquainted with these wonderful colors.

snappy photo gifts thread colors


White – it’s that classic color everyone loves that is applicable and looks good with almost any item.

Red – a blazing color that’s also the color of love

Yellow – this looks good not only as a ribbon on an old oak tree but for stylish items too


Chocolate Truffle – yes, it’s the same hue as that famous cake flavor

Midnight Black – nothing can be blacker than midnight black

Bubblegum Pink – it’s as lighthearted and sweet as a pink bubblegum

Royal Blue – feel royal with this blue hue

Graphite Gray – it’s like a graphite mineral, a treasure worth mining

Cucumber Lime – cucumber and lime is very green indeed

Lilac Lavender – like the previous color, lilac and lavender makes a very floral combination


Blue Waters – this is as relaxing as the color of the deep blue ocean and sea waters

Sassy Pink – be cheerful, be lively, be free spirited as this shade of pink

‘O Kelly Green – if you’re tired of the usual green, then this green is for you

Tangerine Orange – no other color can be more flavorful than tangerine and orange

Perfect Purple – now that’s a perfect purple!


Make these signature thread colors come alive by purchasing items and adding your personalize touch through the Snappy Photo Gifts shop!

Ladies Travel Buddies

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We all know that summer is spelled as f-u-n and we’ve been featuring items that can definitely make your hot summer cooler: handbags & totescooler bags, and koozies. In this post, we offer ladies who are travelling anywhere around the world two items they should definitely bring.

Personalized Leather/Canvass Travel Kit

personalized leather travel kit

Let’s start with this leather travel bag that is spacious enough for all your travel necessities. Inside are numerous pockets to easily separate items. It can stand up on it’s own or can be hung (hook included). You can personalize it with a monogram of three letters.

Personalized Jet-Setter Hanging Toiletry Bag

personalized hanging toiletry bag

Here’s another travel kit bag that can be hung to display items inside, specifically toiletries or any other set of products you’d like to bring while travelling. This nylon bag is wrapped around with a side handle so you can easily carry it. Inside, clear vinyl lets you effortlessly find items stored. You can personalize it with one initial using any of our 15 signature thread colors.

For more personalized travel items, browse through Snappy Photo Gifts!

Happy travelling!

More Summer Items: Koozies

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Other than handbags and totes as well as cooler bags, we present more summer items: koozies for your beer bottle s and cold can drinks.

Here are some of our cool coozies for you to choose from:

Sixpack Beer Belt

The best in this list, this black beer belt lets you pack six beer cans. You can print your initial using any of our 15 signature thread on the center.













Koozie with Pewter Medallion

The pewter medallion bearing a wedding entourage designation with an additional line of 15 characters make this chrome plated koozie very cool.













NFL Can Coozie

NFL fan? This can coozie is for you! You can select your team as the logo of this silver colored item. You can also add an additional 2 lines of 15 characters each at the back.













Pink Leather Koozie

Here’s for the ladies! Pink and with 2 lines of up to 15 characters each.













Black Leather Koozie

Black and silver is classy. This can koozie lets you have both. You can personalize it with 2 lines of up to 15 characters each.













Brown Leather Koozie

This stainless steel metallic finish koozie covered with chocolate leather can also be personalized with 2 lines of up to 15 characters each.













Can Wrap

Only $9.25 for this foldable neoprene can wrap which you can personalize with the same photo on both sides.

Cooler Bags for Cool Summer Beach Drinks

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If you’re planning to hit the beach this summer, don’t forget to bring along our cooler bags to keep your summer drinks cool.


Laguna Beach Tub Cooler

personalized tub cooler

This cooler is collapsible yet is made of sturdy materials when expanded to keep your drinks cool. A handle makes it easy to carry and also comes with a bottle opener. You can personalize it with a three letter monogram using cool shade of threads.

Frosty Pop-up Ice Bucket

personalized ice bucket

This pop-up ice bucket can be easily kept when folded and expandable to keep your drinks cool. A metal handle makes it easy to carry as well. You can personalize it with your chosen embroidered text and choose from lively thread colors.


2-in-1 Cooler Duffle Bag

personalized cooler duffle bag

This duffle bag can hold up to 36 cans and ice with a bottom that can be used as a divider. Side pockets are available for dry items and handles which make it easy to carry. You can personalize it with up to 7 embroidered letters using cool color threads.
personalized ice cooler
Use this wide mouthed cooler bag to keep your beach drinks cool. Handles makes it easy to carry and front pocket can hold a cork screw or bottle opener. Like the previous items, it can be personalized through embroidered letters (5) using any of our signature threads.
personalized cooler
This soft-sided cooler can keep 12 packs cool and comes with a detachable strap. It can be personalized with embroidered three letter monogram using our signature threads.
Keep your beach drinks cool with our cooler bags this summer!