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Summer Handbags and Totes

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Summer! I feel like singing along with Olaf in Frozen who was frolicking about summer while planning about things it will be doing during this season like bathing under the sun while sipping drinks or swimming. What about you? Have you planned what to do during the summer?

I bet the beach is included in your itinerary. And here are must have beach items you need to bring when packing:

  1. Hat
  2. Sunscreen lotion
  3. Shades
  4. Totes and bags
  5. Umbrella
  6. Flip flops
  7. Towel
  8. Waterproof container for goodies

These are just some of the things you should be bringing to the beach. I’m sure you can bring in more personal items according to your own personal needs.

In relation to the totes and bags (see #4), Snappy Photo Gifts have just the right items for you. You can personalize each item with notes and texts as well as choose based on color and design. Some of our totes and handbags are below:



For more handbags and totes you can personalize, see this page. For more summer items, see these posts.

‘Eid Mubārak! ‘Eid Sa‘īd! for Eid-al-Fitr!

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‘Eid Mubārak! ‘Eid Sa‘īd!  to our Islamic brothers celebrating Eid-al-Fitr on July 29!


This event celebrates the culmination of the fasting month of Ramadan. At this time, everyone of Moslem faith gather to celebrate for 2-3 days in prayer, reading the takbirat, giving to charities, showing happiness, and feasting on an early sweet breakfast, hence, the event is sometimes called Sweet Festival, Sugar Feast, and Feast of Breaking the Fast.


If you’re celebrating this once in a year Muslim activity or knows a family who are, let Snappy Photo Gifts be a part of the celebration. We present our kitchen products you can personalize to include the family’s name, date, and short statements like ‘Eid Mubārak  or ‘Eid Sa‘īd.




>Click here to view the rest of the products<

‘Eid Mubārak! ‘Eid Sa‘īd! 


Observe Parent’s Day with Gifts

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Snappy Photo Gifts is one with the nation in observance of Parent’s Day on July 27. In relation to celebrating this special day for your parents, we offer various gift items. See the Gifts for Parents page.

You’ll find various products including cases for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or laptop and drink buddies like wine glasses, flasks, barrels, mugs, and coffee sleeves. You may also browse through other products offered on the shop for more gift ideas.


gifts for parents


Parent’s have sacrificed a lot for us even before we were born. This one’s a year event is but appropriate that we honor their sacrifices and love.

Happy Parent’s Day!


Happy 4th of July from Snappy Photo Gifts!

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happy 4th of july

We may be debating about the minimum wage, gender wage gap, and other social issues today but not without the liberty to share our own opinions, voice our concerns, and have a say with current laws.

Snappy Photo Gifts is one with the nation in celebrating the freedom our forefathers have fought for.

Happy 4th of July from Snappy Photo Gifts!

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