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Wood Bar Sign for the Boys

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Today’s post is yet another ‘for the boys’ exclusive! We are featuring two wood bar and billiard or tavern signs for your all male club house, sports facility, home, and work place.

Lucky 8-Ball Personalized Wood Bar & Billiard Sign

Personalized Wood Bar and Billiard Sign

Let’s start with this wood bar & billiard sign. It’s custom painted with 3 design options: MANCAVE, BILLIARD KING, and RACK ‘EM STACK ‘EM. You can also opt to leave it blank. This old school classic is perfect for sports or game rooms, dens, billiard places, rooms, offices, and more. Measuring  14 x 16, you can personalize it with your first or last name and even a nick name of up to 15 characters and the year of choice which could be the current year, birth year, or any other year you wish to use.

Always Open Personalized Wood Bar and Tavern Sign

Personalized Wood Bar Sign

Here’s another classic and rugged 14 x 16 wood bar sign that’s also custom painted just for the guys. Unlike the previous item though, there is only one theme (MANCAVE Always Open) but you can at least personalize the mug initial on the design as well as add a name of up to 15 characters. Similarly, this item is perfect for sports bars, taverns, and anywhere guys frequent.

Both items cost $39.99.

For more items exclusively made for men, visit this page.

Personalized Money Clip for Men

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Did you love our feature on personalized business card holders for men last week? I’m sure you’ll love this week’s products exclusively for men too! But before that, click here to review the previous week’s post.

Going back to this week’s post, we present personalized money clip products every guy will love!

Personalized Leather Wallet/Money Clip

personalized money clip

Let’s start with this Personalized Black Leather Wallet and Money Clip product. This compact and lightweight item not only holds credit cards but also provides an exterior clip which conveniently keeps bills as well as an extra side pocket to keep receipts. Men will love it’s gorgeous stitching as well as the silver engraved disk which can be personalized with a modern font monogram. You can choose three initials which can be your first, middle, and last name. This item measures 3″ x 4″ x .5″ and costs $44.99.

Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip

personalized money clip

Next is this Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip. Similarly, this product is designed to keep cash bills safe through its extra strong magnet while keeping men fashionable through it’s black leather matched with black stitching. It also comes with an appealing silver-toned disk in a contemporary font. You can personalize it with a three letter monogram which can be your initials. The item measures 2 5/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/8″ and costs $29.99.

These personalized money clip items are both functional and stylish, any guy will surely love them. So get one now!

Personalized Business Card Holder Products Exclusively for Him

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We know been featuring countless products for women so it’s high time to offer items that are exclusively made available for men. In this post, masculine looking personalized business card holder products are up for grabs.

Why You Need a Business Card Holder

But before that, let’s first talk about why you need a business card holder. This item is a better alternative to wallets and paper clips. Wallets are better off to keep valuables like money, credit cards, ATM cards, and IDs. So don’t let you wallet become bulky by including business cards! As for paper clips, there’s no guarantee that they can hold cards together. Thus, a business card holder is always the best option.

With our personalized business card holder products, you can even make the items more presentable through your own choice of photo and text. So if you’d like to start using one, here are two business card holder items men will love:

Business Card Holder

personalized business card holder

Let’s start with this stainless steel business card holder measuring 3.625″x 2.25″x.3125″. This item can hold up to 15 standard size business cards. You can personalize it too with your own image and add text.

Business Card Holder with Aluminum Insert

personalized business card holder

If you prefer solid wood, then this business card holder with aluminum insert can be personalized with your company’s logo, a preferred photo, and your initials. This item is ideal as a personalize gift, wedding token, and work.

With these personalized business card holder products, men will definitely stay in style while keeping their cards organized.

Inspirational March 2014

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In observance of various religious holidays this March 2014 regardless of your dogmatic affiliation, we present to you inspirational March products to help inspire you or someone special worthy of these gifts.

But before we feature the items, here are what we are observing this month:

Ash Wednesday on March 5 – it’s the first official day of the Lenten Season for Christians. It is observed 46 days before Easter so the date can actually be moved every year.  Ash Wednesday is symbolized with the application of ash or dirt on devotee’s forehead or face.

Purim on March 16 – It is a Jewish holiday celebrated yearly on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar (following the Hebrew calendar). It celebrates the Jews deliverance from Haman of the Persian Empire. Celebration is often practiced in Jewish synagogues through a reading of the Book of Esther which retells the history of this celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 or the Feast of Saint Patrick commemorates the death of the most popular patron saint of Ireland who lived from AD 385–461. Most observers wear green to symbolize the green shamrock leaf which was used by St. Patrick for his mission to convert Irish pagans into Christianity.

Going back to our inspiring products this month, see items below:

Inspirational Compact with Engraved Cross

personalized inspirational compact


This personalized inspirational compact is perfect for women of faith. It’s heart shaped design is aesthetically appealing and feminine at the same time. She would be reminded of her faith too through the cross symbol. You can personalize it with an engraving of up to 15 characters. Use her name or any important short message for it.

Inspirational Key Chain with Engraved Cross

personalized inspirational key chain

This personalized inspirational key chain is a fashionable item for him or her with its high gloss silver plated style while reminding you of your faith through the small cross with an engraving of up 8 characters you can can personally choose beside it.

Inspirational Pocket Watch with Engraved Cross

personalized inspirational pocket watch


This personalized inspirational pocket watch is also perfect for him or her. You can choose between 4 finishes including brushed, gunmetal, midnight, and polished plus personalized it with an engraving of up to 10 characters beside the small cross in the center.

Get your personalized inspiration item for March today! See this page for more.

Personalized Pashmina Scarf for Spring

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We know it can be cold or warm in your area this time of the year but it’s still spring regardless of the temperature. For women, a scarf is a testament to this season. In relation to that, may we offer our personalized pashmina scarf to make you fashionably ready for spring?

personalized scarf

These scarves not only keep women warm but also accessorize a matching outfit. If you’re attending a wedding, you can also spare one or more as a gift for the bride or bride’s maids. It’s a fashionable wedding token for women attending the ceremony as well. It also works as a gift for all other occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and holidays all year round.

This soft, warm, and light weight product is made from pashmina or silk blend and measures 28″ wide and 72″ long. It comes in four colors including black noir, chocolate truffle, petal pink, and winter white. You can personalize it with one line of up to 15 characters using signature thread colors of blue waters, bubblegum pink, chocolate truffle, cucumber lime, graphite gray, lilac lavender, midnight black, O’Kelly green, perfect purple, red, royal blue, sassy pink, tangerine orange, white, and yellow.

Click here to bring home a personalized Pashmina scarf for spring!