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Personalized Coolers for New Year

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Planning to celebrate New Year through countdown parties in parks, parking grounds, beaches, and other open areas? Then you better be ready with personalized coolers for an instant party drink anywhere you are.

But before we bid goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014, check out our previous post on the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts. You still have a few more days to send gifts.

Back to our New Year post…

Here are 5 coolers you can bring anywhere you are to welcome 2014! Just click on the image or product title for more information.

Personalized Laguna Beach Tub Cooler

personalized cooler

Embroidered Wide-Mouth Ice Cooler Bag

personalized cooler

Personalized Soft-Sided Cooler

Frosty Pop-up Ice Bucket with Free Personalization

personalized cooler

Personalized 2-in-1 Cooler Duffle Bag

personalized cooler


12 Days of Christmas Gifts

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Twelve days of Christmas doesn’t start until December 25 (ends January 5) but we’re now featuring items you can give as gifts for each of the 12 days!

ornament tree


This isn’t a partridge in a pear tree but this ornament tree can definitely offer Christmas cheers on the first day of Christmas. See 20” Ornament Tree – Holds 15 Ornaments.

personalized bookmark

I can’t find anything which can relate to turtle doves, French hens, calling birds, geese, and swans so I chose this cheap Bookmark  wherewith you can print a design of choice including the fowls above.

Personalized Sterling Silver Photo Charm Bracelet

We don’t have rings but we offer jewelry and keychains such as the bracelet above.

Bride and Bridesmaid iPhone Covers

For the eight and ninth day where maids are milking and ladies are dancing, check out the category personalized gifts for her.

Lastly, for the remaining days where lords are leaping, pipers are piping, and drummers and drumming, browse through the category  personalized gifts for him

Enjoy the 12 days of Christmas through these gift ideas! Happy holidays!

Christmas Ornaments Revisited

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If you’re one of those who are late-bloomers, for Christmas decorations, that is, then let our Christmas ornaments post give you an idea on how to decorate your home, work, or school.

Personalized Star Glass Christmas Ornament

Let’s start with glass ornaments. These are elegant looking and will look good on any Christmas tree with its various shape options including bell, Christmas tree, heart, oval, and star. See the post 5 Glass Christmas Ornaments to check them all out.

Personalized Our First Christmas Ornaments

Next comes the first Christmas ornaments. These are for those who are celebrating their very first Christmas for a baby, a wedded couple, and even for pet cats and dogs. Read the post First Christmas Ornaments to see all items.

Personalized Cable Knit Christmas Stocking

Last but not the least are Christmas stockings. Whether you still believe in Santa or not, these are still perfect when expecting a gift from mom, dad, or anyone else from the family. Check out the options through the post Hang Personalized Christmas Stockings for the Holidays.

There you have it folks! Have fun decorating your home, work, or school through these personalized Christmas ornaments!

December Holiday Gifts

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Nope. This isn’t for Christmas, at least not yet. In this post, we offer gifts you can send for the first holidays of the month of December.

personalized cross

Let’s start with the first Sunday of Advent, Dec. 1. I know it’s quite obvious giving gifts with a cross on it but it’s the perfect item which symbolizes Advent. And to make it easier for you, below is a search result from showing all items with a cross insignia.

Gift Items with a Cross from Snappy Photo Gifts

We also recommend the same gifts above for Dec. 8 Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion and Dec. 12 Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe.

personalized bookmark

one of the cheapest items on sale ($6.50)

Next follows Dec. 2 Cyber Monday. It’s almost similar to Black Friday and it’s deals except that everything simply takes place online. And we won’t be left behind when it comes to giving discounts. Below is a compilation of items currently on sale at Snappy PG:

Sale Items on Snappy

personalized teddy bear

For Dec. 5 Last Day of Chanukah, please revisit one of our posts last month:

Hanukkah Gifts Snappy Style

personalized stockings

How about Christmas stockings for Dec. 6 St. Nicholas Day? See previous post below:

Hang Personalized Christmas Stockings for the Holidays

Lastly, for Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, check out the post below from one of our fellow Snappy PG bloggers:

Memorial Gifts for Loved Ones Lost

There you have it, our December holiday gifts!