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Travel Companions for Your Summer Getaway Trip

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Your summer getaway trip won’t be complete without these able companions. We present three perfect items you can bring along when you travel this summer.


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Personalized Bon Voyage Luggage Tags

personalized luggage tags

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The Personalized Bon Voyage Luggage Tags  makes your luggage easy to spot at the airport counter. These durable, attractive, and vibrant colored tags are also ideal for gym bags. The tags measure 4″ x 2 3/4″ and comes with a plastic loop. You can choose from 8 colorful designs and can personalize it with one line of up to 10 characters. Visit this page to see all designs!

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Personalized Jet-Setter Hanging Toiletry Bag

The Personalized Jet-Setter Hanging Toiletry Bag is a unique bag which lets you stuff all your travel toiletries, wrap them in a coil during the travel, and unravel the ready to hang bag when you reach your destination. You can personalize it with one initial using any of our 15 signature thread colors. Click here to see all thread colors available!

Personalized Logan Deluxe Duffle Bag

Last but not the least, the Personalized Logan Deluxe Duffle Bag is a handsome travel companion for men. It’s durable, made from water resistant material, features brass hardware, heavy duty zippers, and leather details. It measures a roomy 23″ x 10″ x 11″ with two zippered mesh covered side pockets for essentials. You can carry it through leather handles or padded shoulder straps. You can personalize it with one line of up to 15 characters.


 There you have our three featured items for the week. Come back for more next week!

4 Beach Tote Bags for the Summer

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Here’s a continuation of our tote bags feature. In this post, we feature more tote bags for the summer, particularly for beach trips.


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Personalized Beach Tote ‘Em Bag

personalized tote bags

The Personalized Beach Tote ‘Em Bag is a large, long, and strong multi-purpose tote which can carry everything you need not only for the beach but for other purposes as well including gym sessions and short trips. It even comes with a snap enclosure for valuable items including wallets and cell phones.

Personalize it with 3 monogram letter initials using any of our 15 threads.


Personalized H2O Tote Bag

The Personalized H2O Tote Bag is more than just a water bag. It can carry other items as well for a session at the gym, a beach trip, and more. It’s available in three lively colors (currently available in blue only) and can be personalized with one line of seven characters using any of our 15 signature threads.


Personalized Cabana Tote Bag

How about the Personalized Cabana Tote Bag? This fun looking tote can be carried with a clutch handle and also comes with a shoulder strap option. It comes with four vibrant color designs (currently offered in red only) and can be personalized with one letter using any of the 15 signature thread colors.


Personalized Candy Striped Beach Tote Bag

The Personalized Candy Striped Beach Tote Bag is a small but terrible bag and perfect for the beach as well as everyday purse needs. It comes in either navy or pink color and can be personalized with one line of seven characters using our signature threads.


Bring and home any of our beach tote bags now!



Tote Bags for Summer

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Ready to go and about this summer? Don’t forget to bring your tote bags! These are handy dandy partners for your summer getaway on the beach, trip outdoors, and anywhere else for travel. At Snappy Photo Gifts, we offer several tote bags you can choose from. Here are our top picks.


Personalized Fitness Fun Tote

The Personalized Fitness Fun Tote is the number one companion. It’s ideal for trips to the gym, afternoon errands, and for everyday travel. You can choose from four nautically design colors including Black, Blueberry, Cerise Red or Green Apple. You can personalize it with up to 7 characters using 15 signature thread colors also applied to other Snappy Photo Gifts products.


Personalized Metro Tote ‘Em Bag

The Personalized Metro Tote ‘Em Bag can accommodate just about anything from groceries, office supplies, and even your puppy. It’s the perfect tote bag that’s not too large nor too small. You can personalize with 3 monogram letters embroidered in 15 Snappy thread colors.


Personalized Eco-Hollywood Backpack

The Personalized Eco-Hollywood Backpack lets you have a stylish bag while saving the planet Earth at the same time. This item is made from 100% organic cotton fabric. It’s large open pocket features a coconut button as well. Personalize this easy to carry bag with one letter using any of the 15 available thread colors.


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3 Traditional Personalized Keychains

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Keychains can never grow old. In fact, they remain timeless over the years. You will remember keychain as early as school years and yet they will constantly be used throughout your life until old age. So in this post, we will celebrate personalized keychains and their worth. We feature 3 traditional style keychains which matches all occasions and purposes including corporate giveaways, wedding or party tokens, gift items, and more.

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Key Chain – Rectangle

This Key Chain – Rectangle item kicks off this list. This glossy, two-sided plastic item holds several keys. You can personalize it with a picture or any image. Plus, it’s only $7.

Key Chain – Square

The Key Chain – Square is another traditional classic keychain. This dual sided, glossy finish, plastic keychain lets you personalize it with your choice of photos. It’s available at only $7.50.


Key Chain – Round

Key Chain – Round

Last but not the least is the Key Chain – Round which is also made of plastic and glossy finish. You can personalize its dual side with the same image. It’s very affordable at $7.50.


There you have it! Three traditional but timeless keychain designs!