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4 Useful Personalized Keychains

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Keychains are all purpose gift items. They work well as corporate giveaway, wedding token, and even as a personal gift for friends and loved ones. But instead of wrapping or giving away the usual generic type of keychain, we present to you 4 very useful personalized keychains which serve not only the standard purpose as key holders they were intended for but also apply for alternate reasons.


Personalized Sterling Silver Plated 512MB USB Flash Key Chain

Let’s start with the Personalized Sterling Silver Plated 512MB USB Flash Key Chain. This item is handy for everyone who works in an office or goes to school. You can easily save work or school related documents or any other files while on the go. It can be personalized with three letters.


Personalized 2GB USB Flash Drive/Keychain

If you need a larger memory space for USB flash drive keychain, then get the Personalized 2GB USB Flash Drive/Keychain for 4 times bigger storage capacity. The item can be personalized with 5 characters.


Personalized Fix-it Keychain

The Personalized Fix-it Keychain is another useful keychain product. It’s cleverly designed with two small screwdrivers; one is a flat head and the other is a Phillips. The screws can fix your sunglasses, replace batteries, and so on. You can personalize it with three initials.


Personalized Stainless Steel Keychain & Bottle Opener

Last on this list is the Personalized Stainless Steel Keychain & Bottle Opener. With this item, you won’t have to go looking for a bottle opener for an instant soft drink serving; it’s a handy companion for your thirst quenching needs. Personalize it with one line of up to 20 characters.


There you have it! Four useful personalized keychains which not only serve as key holders but also work as bottle openers, screwdrivers, and USB flash drive memory space.


A Pack of Personalized Pocket Watches

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Pockets watches are timeless. They are applicable in the past as much as they are still very useful today.

In the old times, pocket watches were widely used and originally intended as a means to tell time. Although time can be readily viewed now through wristwatches or mobile technological gadgets like cell phones, pocket watches are still popular. They are useful beyond telling time. They work as an accessory because they are stylish, classy, and elegant. You can bring one for any occasion including formal events, family gatherings, holiday dinner, parties, and even for everyday use at work or in school.


In this post, we highlight personalized pocket watches.


Engraved High Polish Pocket Watch

First on the list is the Engraved High Polish Pocket Watch. This stainless steel pocket watch comes with the traditional chain and Quartz movement. You can personalize it with three lines of up to 10 characters.


Engraved Silver Brushed Pocket Watch

Next comes the Engraved Silver Brushed Pocket Watch. It’s an elegant gift for men like the groom to be for wedding, dads during Father’s Day, birthdays, and for any other occasion and reason. This classic looking Quartz movement pocket watch with removable chain can be personalized with three lines of up to 10 characters.


Inspirational Pocket Watch with Engraved Cross

The Inspirational Pocket Watch with Engraved Cross had been featured in a previous post – More Personalized Inspirational Items (scroll down at the last item of the feature). It’s still classy but with a more modern look. You can choose between four finish: gunmetal, brushed, polished, or midnight finish and can be personalized with one line of up to 10 characters.

Personalized Midnight Pocket Watch

Last on this list is the Personalized Midnight Pocket Watch. It’s another gift for guys applicable for any occasion or reason. Men will love its black and mysterious look along with Roman numerals for time. You can personalize it with three lines of up to 10 characters.

There you have it!  A pack of personalized pocket watches! Get one now!

Personalized Cross Necklace Collection Items

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In lieu of the previous post More Personalized Inspirational Items, we feature more inspiring jewelry through our collection of personalized cross necklace.


Personalized Black Inlay Cross Necklace

The list starts with the personalized black inlay cross necklace. This cross-shaped necklace comes with a black background with a silver toned cross within in. It also comes with a black leather necklace which expands up to 35 inches. You can personalize it one line of up to 8 characters.


Personalized Silver Weave Cross Necklace

Next comes the personalized silver weave cross necklace. It’s made of stainless steel featuring a modern cross design with a long sturdy chain to accompany it. You can personalize it with one line of up to 8 characters.


Personalized Rounded Edge Cross Necklace

The personalized rounded edge cross necklace with it’s attractive design and ball of chain necklace is also great as gift. You can personalize it with one line of up to 8 characters.


Personalized Simple Silver Cross Necklace

Don’t be fooled by the simple look of the personalized silver cross necklace. This stainless steel cross with black leather necklace (expandable up to 35 inches) is an ideal religious gift for both men and women. You can personalize it with one line of up to 8 characters (see initials on picture).


Personalized Jewel Inlay Cross Necklace

The personalized jewel inlay cross necklace comes with a glitzy stainless steel cross design and ball of chain. Like the other cross necklaces, you can personalize it with one line of up to 8 characters.


Personalized Black Wrap Cross Necklace

Look at this modern personalized black wrap cross necklace with its durable stainless steel design with black band covers. It also comes with a black leather necklace you can expand by up to 35 characters. Personalize it with one initial.


Personalized Classic Silver Cross Necklace

The personalized classic silver cross necklace is indeed a classic with its ornate edges despite the plain back and front design. It works as a gift for all ages and can be personalized with one line of up to 8 characters.


Be inspired with these inspirational cross necklaces!


5 Gifts that Every NFL Fan Would Love


NFL fans are die-hard fans who will take any opportunity to show their team pride. More than just watching any old game, NFL has a following unlike any other in the sports world. If you have a special man in your life and would like to get some great gift ideas that he would absolutely love, think about personalized NFL themed accessories for men.

Accessories that Add Style and Show NFL Pride

When NFL fans get together, whether it’s to watch a game, spend time outdoors or kick back on the beach, there are a few gifts they can use while still showing support for their favorite team. A personalized flask and Zippo lighter gift set is a set fit for any man who enjoys the finer things in life but also likes to show off the colors of the team he loves most. Individually, these items are great gift ideas, but by putting them together in a sleek gift box, makes the set that much more special.

For the old school men who take pride in their style but also take the time to let loose and enjoy an energetic game of football, a personalized NFL emblem money clip is just the thing to get. Wallets can be cumbersome and easy to lose track of everything inside them. Customize it with an engraved name and player number, or get a custom team logo in color. A money clip is simple, sophisticated and keeps all of the important things neatly in one place.

If you know a man who loves football but also likes to stay fashionable, there are a couple of options that are stylish, masculine and offer a great opportunity to show team support every single day. A personalized NFL fan bracelet with solid chain detail and engraved initials is one accessory that every fan needs to show their team spirit. The heavier weight and chunky style is masculine and fashionable to wear with any clothing style. Since not all men like to wear bracelets but would still like stylish accessories with their favorite team in mind, a personalized NFL dog tag can be openly worn on game day and at the beach, or they can also be discreetly worn under dress shirts.

No matter what kind of man your loved one may be, if he’s a die-hard football fan who wants nothing more than a way to show his team spirit, a personalized NFL gift is the just thing to make the football season that much more fun.

More Personalized Inspirational Items

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On the previous post, I’ve listed the inspirational leather bracelets with engraved cross. See We’ll Keep You in Style this July with Personalized Bracelets. In this post, we’ll feature more inspirational items you can personalize!


Inspirational Key Chain with Engraved Cross

Let’s start with this inspirational key chain with engraved cross. It features a shiny high gloss looking silver plate you can personalize with one small cross and anything within 8 characters long.


Inspirational Compact with Engraved Cross

The inspirational compact with engraved cross comes next. This handy heart shaped compact features a regular and a magnifying mirror and can be personalized with up to 15 characters below it’s lovely cross design in the middle.


Large Inspirational Dog Tag with Engraved Cross

This large inspirational dog tag with engraved cross necklace is suitable for both men and women. Be inspired with its large cross design in the middle and personalize it with one line of up to 10 characters.


Small Inspirational Dog Tag with Engraved Cross

The small inspirational dog tag with engraved cross is a smaller dog tag necklace version. You can also personalize it with up to 10 characters.


Inspirational Pocket Watch with Engraved Cross

Last but not the least in this list is the inspirational pocket watch with engraved crossIt’s brushed silver toned design is very modern and stylish along with a classic Quartz movement and a removable chain. You can personalize it with 10 characters below the cross and choose between gunmetal, brushed, polished, or midnight finish.


Be inspired with our personalized inspirational accessories!


Memorial Gifts for Loved Ones Lost


People always come and go in our lives but it’s the ones that enrich each day are the ones we should forever keep alive in our memories. The people we hold close to our hearts should be remembered for the warm and happy times spent together. Honoring them with memorial items or creating a special custom memorial gift for families who have lost a loved one is the best way to keep memories alive.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated memorial gift idea, check out the list below for some great ideas:

A Personalized Keepsake Box


A keepsake box is a great storage option for keeping trinkets and other memorable items from a loved one who has passed away. There are many different types of boxes made of wood, glass and even sterling silver. Some offer room for specially engraved quotes and messages, while others have space for a photo of loved ones in order to keep their memory alive each day.

Keep your favorite photos, cards and other memorable items in the box or fill them with inspiring quotes and stories to help others cope with loss and uplift their spirits.

A Custom Printed Dog Tag


Dog tags are masculine trinkets that are generally ideal for men and they are perfect to represent those we may have lost in combat. A custom dog tag can be printed with a special photo of the person and engraved with a message of love. Hang them in a special location where they can be seen each day, or wear them around your neck to keep them close to your heart at all times.

Personalized Memorial Vase


A custom printed memorial vase is a lovely gift idea for anyone who may have recently lost a loved one. At this time, they will receive many flowers to help dress up their homes with lovely fresh flowers and a beautiful vase displaying the name and an inspiring quote.

Personalized Message in the Sand


A photo with a custom message written in sand always seems to have a calming effect on people, which is why a beautiful framed print is one of the best memorial gifts to give any loved one.  The image itself is one that uplifts the spirit and gives people a sense of hope in a time of despair. The added message in the sand is just a way to personalize it for someone they love dearly.

Custom Printed Candles


Many people light candles in memory of a loved one who may have passed away. The candles are symbolic and offer a calming effect on ruffled nerves in time of need. A custom printed candle is a simple yet beautiful memorial that can be left at home, in the office or any special place that can keep a loved one’s memory alive.

We’ll Keep You in Style this July with Personalized Bracelets!

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This July, we present to you stylish bracelets to keep you in style.


Personalized Leather Bracelet

Let’s start with this personalized leather bracelet. It’s made from stainless steel and genuine leather and fits sizes of 7 to 9 inches. Leather colors available include black, brown, red, and pink. You can personalize it with one line of 15 characters.


Inspirational Leather Bracelets with Engraved Cross

The inspirational leather bracelets with engraved cross is another classic combining leather and steel. It’s perfect for both men and women and fits sizes of 7 to 9 inches with leather colors of black, brown, red, and pink. The steel section is engraved with a small cross and can be personalized with one line of up to 10 characters.


Personalized Sterling Silver Photo Charm Bracelet

The personalized sterling silver photo charm bracelet on the other hand lets you keep three photos on each charm and personalize the fourth (circle) charm with one line of up to 7 characters.


Personalized NFL Fan Favorite Bracelet

The personalized NFL fan favorite bracelet make great gifts for men. Officially licensed by NFL, team bracelets include Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders. It can be personalized with three initials too.

Cuff Bracelet

Last but not the least is this cuff bracelet which is ideal for kids most especially during parties. This aluminum bracelet measures 6.625″ x 1.625″ with .25″ rounded corners and can be personalized with 3 characters.


For more jewels and accessories, visit the Jewelry and Keychains page!