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Choosing the Best Corporate Gifts – 10 Unconventional Gift Options

valet2Showing appreciation throughout the year like a gift to reward a job well done is something that every good company does. Choosing a functional or unique gift is the best option for anyone, no matter how well you may know them.

Classic Drink Accessories

Many people, especially executives love to have a good drink every now and then. Apart from giving a classic set of drinking glasses, there are other options available that are much more sophisticated. A personalized wine accessory gift set is perfect for anyone who loves wine and entertaining. If you would like to offer a fun and unique gift, a personalized whiskey barrel is certainly as unique as it gets. If you know of a person who enjoys a small drink while outdoors, an engraved flask and zippo lighter gift set is perfect. The flask can hold 4 ounces of any beverage while the lighter can be tucked away for quick use.

Traditional Cigar Accessories

Smoking cigars is known to be the classic and sophisticated pastime compared to standard cigarettes. If you know any business people who enjoy a fine cigar every now and then, a personalized cherry wood humidor is a refined gift that looks luxurious but doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. For the traveling business person, a personalized travel cigar holder is a tasteful option that can be easily stored away in a blazer, briefcase or luggage.

Hobby Sets

Make any business person feel like they are in the movies with a personalized executive putter set is just the thing to help any executive unwind while still at the office. A compact golf set to practice a loved hobby is a great choice for work, at home and for travel. If you have someone who loves to play craps or other popular games with dice, a personalized leather dice cup with engraved initials is chic and sophisticated for every high roller.

Chic Desk Accessories

Keeping everything in order at work is very important in order to work efficiently and to avoid added stress on the job. A personalized deluxe leather valet is simple sophisticated and easy to fit on any desk to keep essentials organized.  Another option is a personalized desk clock in a minimalistic contemporary design.  It’s functional and has a timeless design that will work perfectly in any office setting.

Charming Fashion Accessories

If you would like to give a more feminine corporate gift, a personalized sterling silver photo charm bracelet is fashionable as it is thoughtful as a gift. Each charm can be customized to hold a special photo or message of appreciation.

There are many different corporate gifts that are commonly given to employees, clients and company executives, regardless of who it may be, always think about something that they can use and appreciate.

Make Them Feel Special – Get Personalized Gifts for Kids


Kids love to have their own toys, clothes and even furniture in their own bedrooms. No matter how young a child may be, just having something to call their own makes them feel more “grown up” and responsible. When looking for special gifts to show your little ones how much you love them, think about simple details like having a personalized gift with a name printed on it. No matter what the child loves, there are plenty of fun ideas for those birthdays, holidays or just little keepsakes just to say “I love you”.

Give them a Place to Call Their Own

Every child loves to have their own room. Even children who have to share with a sibling will love the fact that they have a place to call their own. A personalized room sign for kids is a great way to get them excited about a personal space where they can play in their own imaginative world.  For the book-loving child who loves to get lost in a great story, giving them a personalized bookmark with a custom printed photo is a good addition to any library. Bookmarks with a fun photo or printed message are a sweet touch that anyone would love. When the time comes to stay organized, whether it’s for school work or keeping track of chores, a personalized dry erase board will help kids keep all of their important information on hand.

Give them Something Fun to Play With

Kids love to play. If they could, they would play night and day. For the kids who love to use their imaginations and could use an addition to their plush animal collection, a personalized teddy bear with a special photograph is a wonderful addition for any little one.  If you know a child who loves to work on puzzles, a common puzzle can be fun to play with once, but a custom printed puzzle with a photo they love (be it a photo of themselves, friends, pets or family) would be an exciting game to play over and over again. For the sports fan in the family, there are many different options available for creating personalized sports balls like a photo soccer ball with a custom photo of the players.

Make the kids feel like a star with their name or custom photo placed front and center on various items they can use and appreciate. They will surely love seeing their names and faces displayed for all to see.

Father’s Day Specials

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Since we’re celebrating Father’s Day every third Sunday of June, there’s no better feature for this week’s post but these Father’s Day specials. Here are the top three gifts for this loving occasion:


High Polish Stainless Steel Personalized Flask

We’re not encouraging dad to drink but for times when there’s something to celebrate about, this High Polish Stainless Steel Personalized Flask will keep it cool and classy for dad’s drink. This flask can hold up to 7 oz. and can be personalized with 15 characters.


Personalized Modern Times Desk Clock

The Personalized Modern Times Desk Clock is a  modern and stylish piece of art. It’s designed with silver and ebony colors with analog and digital time display. This 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ x 3/4″ clock can be personalized with three initials.


11 oz White Mug

This 11 oz White Mug is a small but terrible gift. Call it old fashioned but nothing beats the classic and this mug is just the right item for Father’s Day. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe too. You can personalize it with a photo showing on either left or right hand.


More Father’s Day gift ideas here!

Personalized Gift Wrapping Ideas for Any Occasion

There are many different occasions throughout the year that provide a great opportunity to give loved ones special gifts. No matter what the cost a gift or keepsake may be, whether it’s lavish or inexpensive, preparing each gift item with unique gift wrapping is the one of the best way to show just how special the gift and the receiver are.

Wine_Koozie_21Special Gift Wrapping for Bottles

A simple and sophisticated gift that suits most occasions for adults is a nice bottle of wine, champagne or other fine alcoholic beverage. Most people will simply place the bottles in a decorative paper bag or wrap it tightly with some tissue and plastic wrapping paper, but this type of wrap is very common and does not place much importance on the gift inside. To really add a special touch, there is the option to place the gift in a personalized wine tote bag or custom wine sleeve.  Custom print a nice pattern, photo or personalize them with a name or initials. The best part about giving the tote bag is the fact that it can be used over and over again. The personalized sleeve can be used as a memorable keepsake, especially for occasions like weddings, anniversaries or graduations.


cake_pan1Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Kitchen

For loved ones who just love to cook and bake, there are several unique gift wrapping options that are fun and useful for the one receiving the gift. When preparing a set of items, especially baking or cooking accessories, a fun way to present them is to arrange them in a personalized cake/casserole pan. Kind of like a gift basket, the casserole pan is functional and has a special added touch of having a name printed on them.  If a cake or casserole pan is not the best fit for the gift, placing gifts on a personalized round cutting board could be just the thing. The cutting board can be used as a stable platform to stabilize large gifts or to display smaller ones.


ornamentAdd Charm to Gift Wrapping

Even when there are no specific gifts in mind or if there happens to be an oddly shaped gift that may not be easy to wrap, there are still special additions that can be added to any gift from a humble bouquet of flowers to a care package filled with different items. On top of average wrapping paper, plastic wrapping paper or gift bags with tissue. A custom double sided ornament or an engraved charm can easily be tied to any gift as a way to specially personalize it for the gift receiver. Add a name, monogram or special message of love.

Personalized Wedding Gift Items

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Thinking of wedding gift ideas? We are here to help! We present to you gift ideas for the wedding month of June!


Personalized “Groom to Be” Beer Stein

Let’s start with the groom. This personalized “groom to be” beer stein is a perfect gift for the groom during the wedding or for the bachelor party. You can have it personalized with the groom’s name and the wedding date.


Coloré Bliss Unity Candles

The Coloré Bliss Unity Candles on the other hand is an ideal wedding token for all attendees and guests during the wedding. The 3”x9” candles are available in several design options – celebration, classic charm, magical monogram, nature’s bliss, and perfect panache. Colors include fresh green, lovely lavender, midnight black/gray, peppy pink, romantic red, and topaz blue. Ribbon colors on the other hand include black, chocolate, gold, and silver. You can further personalize it with the bride and groom’s name, the wedding date, and the recipient’s last name initial.


Personalized Laser Engraved Wedding Wishes Signature Frame

Lastly, the Personalized Laser Engraved Wedding Wishes Signature Frame will forever cherish the wedding and its attendees. Everyone who has attended the celebration can leave a mark through their signature and special messages written on the frame’s base. The frame measures 23″ x 19″ and can hold a 5″ x 7″ picture. You can personalize it with 3 special lines.


Happy wedding this month of June!

Choose Personalized Gifts for a Very Special House Warming

Buying a new home is an exciting time for everyone, especially for a couple of first-time buyers. It’s a big step forward in life and a great investment for the future. When your loved ones are celebrating a new milestone in their lives, give them a warm welcome with a special house warming gift.

Give Them a Warm Welcome


The first thing that most people would like from their new home is a nice atmosphere and warm welcome that anyone can appreciate. Besides beautiful door decorations, a personalized couple’s name sign is a wonderful gift choice. Having their name charmingly displayed in a frame, placed by the doorway is a great way to highlight their new home and provide a very warm welcome to all who visit.

Everyday Items


A new home can often feel like a new beginning in life. Every moment, even everyday routines may be special in the first few days or weeks of moving in, so why not give them a practical gift with a special touch? Personalized coffee mugs are great gift ideas and they can be easily customized with photos, names and designs. A beautiful house warming gift is one that offers comfort and class, just like a set of monogram pillow cases. Also simple to customize with various designs, patterns and printed or embroidered monograms, pillow cases and pillow shams are comforting and sophisticated.

Unique Entertaining


A new house offers many new opportunities to have loved ones over for parties and get-togethers.  This is also a good chance to get a special house warming gift that will make entertaining guests easier and much more enjoyable. A personalized puzzle cutting board set is unique and quirky as conversation starters. For avid sports fans who like to entertain guests during games, a set of personalized sports icon pint glasses are just the thing.

Give loved ones a unique house warming gift that will not only help them settle in comfortably but also provide a sweet keepsake to remind them of a special time in their lives.