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Get Accessorized for Beach Season!


The weather is warming up and it’s time to hit the beach. Enjoy the hot sun and spend some time cooling off in the water. When going to the beach, no matter how many people seem to go together, there always seems to be something missed and a worry about what to take and how to keep things safe while relaxing with friends and family. Sure, there are many people who take a large tote for everything they need for an afternoon outing, but there is still the chance that items can be taken or misplaced, especially common-looking items that many others may have as well.

The best way to go out to the beach is to take minimal distinctive items that are also easy to spot.

Personalized Tub Cooler

A soft collapsible tub cooler is perfect for any summer outing. They take up little space when packing up many items and can be used to keep drinks cool for as long as you need them. Customize the tub with a name, monogram or unique pattern.


Personalized Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are an eco-friendly option and stainless steel bottles are ideal for keeping drinks cold for a longer period of time. Choose a fun pattern, bright color and print out a name so it will never get mixed up with anyone else. These bottles are also a great way to spot it when jumping out of the water for a quick drink.

Monogrammed Pashmina Cover-up

A pashmina is a fashionable and versatile accessory that can be used as a swimsuit cover-up, a shawl, head scarf or even tied into a fun summer top. Add a touch of elegance with a custom embroidered monogram.


Custom Designed Flip Flops

Flip flops are the summer footwear of choice for most people, especially when planning a day out to the beach.  The biggest problem that most people have is losing their flip flops or getting them mixed up with others when there are several pairs that look alike. Get a pair of vibrant and distinctive footwear to look great and ensure you’ll be able to find them anywhere on the beach.

Custom Engraved Key Chains

Key chains may not seem like something important to take to the beach but they can be quite useful to keep keys rings and other valuables close by. Clip them to swim shorts, swimwear or attach them in any hidden compartments within totes and beach bags.

Personalized Dog Tags

Just like key chains, dog tags attached to waterproof chains are a great way to keep valuables on hand without worrying they will be lost in the water or on the beach. The best part about wearing dog tags is the fact they are unisex and look great on and off the beach.

Enjoy your time at the beach this season with fun trendy items that keep your valuables safe and easy to find. Pack everything together in a brightly colored personalized beach tote top complete the set. Guarantee a fun day out knowing your belongings are together in one place.

Personalized Blankets and Pillows Collection

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Who wouldn’t want to relax and sleep through blankets and pillows that are customized and personalized with your own photo or logo and name, initials, or phrases?

In this collection of personalized blankets and pillows, Snappy Photo Gifts showcases 43 items you can choose from. Some are made for babies and children while many are designed for all size of beds. You can browse through the entire collection and bring one a single pillow case or a combination of double/couple pillow cases.

For couples, you will love the Couples Personalized Heartstrings Pillow Case Sets or the Couples Personalized LOVE Connection Pillow Case Sets.


personalized pillows

Couples Personalized Heartstrings Pillow Case Sets



Other designs include royalty, nature, feminine, monogram, blossoms, inspirational, and so much more. Check out the entire collection and choose your own selections from this list – Personalized Blankets and Pillows.

Quirky Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom to Be


When two people get engaged, it is a wonderfully exciting time in life that is celebrated with friends and family. Fun parties, delicious food and amusing gifts are what make the occasion that much better. While there are many classic gifts like custom photo albums or an engraved toasting glass set that couples receive, giving the bride and groom a somewhat quirky gift is a great way to help kick off these celebrations and make the occasion that much more memorable.

Custom Party Gifts

groom beer stein

Whether it is the bachelor party or bachelorette get together with her favorite girls, drinks are usually on hand to help get the party started with a toast to the guest of honor. Give the bachelor a handsome set of beer mugs for his best men and don’t forget a specially personalized “Groom to Be” beer stein for the man of the hour. As for the ladies, each member of the bridal party can have her own engraved wine glass with her title in the ceremony, with a special one personalized for the bride-to-be.

Team Wedding Party!

Bride Support Team

Most bachelor and bachelorette parties head out for a night out on the town, so keep everyone together with quirky wedding party t-shirts! Get a set of custom printed tops for everyone in the party. What could be more fun than a fun personalized “groom to be” t-shirt for the bachelor of the night, or a personalized “bride support team” t-shirt for all of the bridesmaids? To truly make it a more authentic support team, there is even the possibility of getting matching bride and bridesmaid iPhone covers! Themed wedding party tops are unique, youthful and totally bring out the energetic spirit for a great celebration.

Sophisticated Gift Ideas


If quirky gifts are not really on order, there are a few sophisticated gift ideas that are still unique for a bride and groom-to-be. For instance, a custom engraved silver pocket watch is ideal for any bachelor who loves classic fashion items with a trendy twist. Since most bachelorettes will already have a personal collection of beautiful accessories, a personalized heart-shaped trinket box is just the thing to keep her new rings safely stored away. Engrave a message of love or a simple date of the engagement for a lovely memory every time she looks at it.

Make that groom and bride-to-be feel absolutely special for their next big step in life with a thoughtful unique gift that comes from the heart.

Presenting Presentable Business Card Holders!

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Your business cards will make or break your chances of closing a business deal or even initiating one. Thus, you have to present business cards in a presentable manner. But aside from abiding by the rules of proper business card distribution, the card itself should be presentable. The business card holder will play a vital role in this purpose. Holders must effectively keep the cards neat and in good condition.

Snappy Photo Gifts have just the right solution for your business card holder needs! You can choose from two products currently offered.


Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder

This stainless steel Business Card Holder measuring 3.625″x 2.25″x.3125″ can hold up to 15 standard size business cards.

Price: $19.25

Business Card Holder with Aluminum Insert

This business card holder with aluminum insert can be personalized with your company logo, photo, or initials. It works as gift for all occasions and to stand out in your office.

Price: $32.00
These business card holders will definitely make you stand out and keep your business cards presentable. For more office gift ideas, you may read this post – Bestseller Personalized Office Supplies.

Personalized Travel Items for Easy Tracking

The weather is warming up and many people are beginning to plan their upcoming vacations. On top of planning out an itinerary and what should be packed, many also worry about keeping their valuables safe while traveling. Theft and luggage mix-ups are among the top reasons people lose, so taking a few simple precautions can easily help reduce these problems.   Packing light and keeping a list of items that are being packed is always a smart thing to do. It helps reduce the number of things to keep track of and keeps overall travel light and easy.

Personalized Travel


Personalizing travel items is another way to help keep items properly identified and in order. The first thing that should be attached to luggage is a sturdy personalized luggage tag with a name and contact information including an address. The tag will hold important information to help identify bags but it will also help travelers identify luggage when trying to retrieve them amongst others. On top of a luggage tag, there is also the option to have a custom embroidered suitcase or personalized duffel bag. The same thing can be done for toiletries bags. Embroidering a name or initials to luggage and custom toiletries bags adds a touch of luxury and also helps quickly identify luggage during the chaos of travel.

Every day Travel


Although having custom travel items can come in handy while vacationing, it’s also possible to do the same with every day travel items to and from the home. Many people use custom embroidered totes and personalized travel mugs on a daily basis while making their way to work or to run errands. Sometimes a schedule can get so busy that it’s possible to misplace these items. Though nine times out of ten, these lost items remain lost, if they are clearly personalized, it is possible to retrieve them, no matter where they were left. First of all, personalized items are less likely to get stolen and secondly, they are easier to identify from a lost and found.


Keep valuables safe and organized with a few simple additions to identify who they belong to. Make items personal by adding custom printing, engraving or embroidering with a name, initials or even a personal saying. Other options are to choose bright colors or patterns that are uncommon and easily identified amongst others. These simple steps will make short-term and long-term travel easier and more convenient.


Wine Buddies for Her!

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If you still haven’t sent any gift for Mother’s Day, here are post-occasion ideas particularly for women who enjoys the company of wine with friends and family. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating and Mother’s Day is one of the reasons to celebrate!


Wine Tote Bag

Wine Tote Bag

Let’s start with this wine tote bag. It’s perfect as gift for all occasions and events.


Personalized Party Girl Flasks

Personalized Party Girl Flasks

We’re not encouraging drinking with the personalized party girl flasks. We just want every party girl to drink with style. 🙂 It works for special occasions including as wedding gift, token, and bridal showers too. You can personalize it with one line of 15 characters and choose from various designs including zebra,  houndstooth, drinking queen, girls night out, diamonds, texting “vodka,” texting “cosmo,” and damask.


Personalized Wine Barrel

Personalized Wine Barrel

This personalized wine barrel made from steel banded oak wood works for both men and women and similarly as a gift for all occasions. You can also personalize it with one line of up to 15 characters.


Let the festive mood of Mother’s Day encourage you to send these gifts for your beloved mom, mother in law, or any other mother you love out there!

Graduation Gift Ideas for Him and for Her


Graduation time is upon us and many proud family members are counting down the days until the big day arrives. To commemorate this special occasion, many people choose to get a personalized graduation signature frame with a photo of the graduate right in the middle for all to see. Such a wonderful celebration deserves words of joy and encouragement, which is why a fun signature frame offers plenty of room for people to write out their special message.

one10For the graduate who will certainly party the night away in celebration of their new diploma, why not give them a thoughtful yet playful gift as a sweet memento? A personalized bottle opener is a great gift idea that can be used over and over again. The added message or graduation date is an extra touch that will remind them of their hard work and accomplishments. Drink bottles are not included, but for those feeling a little more generous, a full cooler will also be greatly appreciated!

one35These days, virtually every graduate will have a variety of gadgets and electronic devices like iPads. Giving a professional gift with a custom touch is one of the best gifts that can be used every day, both at home and into new workplaces. A custom engraved iPad case with a classic monogram is a great choice for a sophisticated look.

agent_cufflinksFor any graduates entering a professional workplace that requires business attire, a sweet and clever gift idea is a pair of personalized “secret agent” cufflinks. They are beautiful modern cufflinks that can be personalized with engraved initials but they also have a unique design that anyone would just love to wear. One side of the cufflinks opens up to a secret compartment that holds a small rolled up piece of paper. Send them off with words of encouragement or slip them a joke to ease nerves so they can work with confidence.

bag1Some new graduates plan a world journey to celebrate their achievements. For these travel-bound adventurers the perfect gift is one they can use, so choose a personalized travel kit that holds everything they would need for travels abroad. It’s a stylish travel set in a leather trimmed pack and also has a beautiful metal panel that can be engraved with initials. Not only will this set help identify personal travel bags but it will also keep memories of their travels alive every time the pack is used.

Graduations are one of the proudest moments in everyone’s life. They should be celebrated with loved ones and commemorated with special gifts that will honor this special time in life but also offer a wonderful gift that can be used in the future.  As graduates move into their chosen professions, these keepsakes will remind them of their hard work and struggle, to truly appreciate all they have achieved.

Personalized Cosmetic Bags for Mother’s Day

Here are more Mother’s Day specials from Snappy Photo Gifts: cosmetic bags! Let every mom in the world store their keepsakes in these colorful and personalized cosmetic bags. Perfect for jewelries and other valuable items as well as for everyday use in keeping makeup, ladies wallet, coins, electronic gadgets, and other personal belongings.

Personalized Small Cosmetic Bag

Personalized Small Cosmetic Bag

Let’s start with the personalized small cosmetic bag. This handy tote easily fits bags. It’s made from soft satin with silk lining, water repelling vinyl, and zipper. You can choose from colors of black, hot pink, shimmering silver, and white and personalize it with one initial with various thread color options including blue waters, bubblegum pink, chocolate truffle, cucumber lime, graphite gray, lilac lavender, midnight black, O’Kelly green, perfect purple, red, royal blue, sassy pink, tangerine orange, white, and yellow.


Personalized Large Cosmetic Bag

If you need something bigger, try the personalized large cosmetic bag. It’s the same color choices and thread color options but only bigger, measuring 9″ x 6″ with a 3″ base.


Personalized Cosmetic Bag Set

How about the personalized cosmetic bag set? You get a large bag and the small bag with the same color options and personalized thread colors.


Personalized Cosmetic Bag Survival Kit

How about the personalized cosmetic bag survival kit? It’s a cosmetic bag and survival kit in one. The same large bag in 4 color options and personalized initials in colorful threads with the addition of the following content:

Easy Mending Kit, Pop-Open Hairbrush & Mirror, LA Fresh Deodorant, LA Fresh Nail Polish Remover, Sweet Spot Cleansing Towelette, Colgate Single Use Toothpaste, My Floss Mint Dental Floss, Mint Fresh Breath Finger Wipe, Shout Wipe&Go Stain Remover Towelette and FreshScent Hand and Body Lotion.


Treat your moms with these cosmetic bags for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Specials

With Mother’s Day coming up in a few more days, it’s but timely to offer gifts to your beloved mom. If you don’t have any idea, here are our Mother’s Day specials!


Wood Jewelry Box Rosewood

Let’s start with the Wood Jewelry Box – Rosewood. This jewelry box offers a 4″ ceramic tile on top which you can personalize through any image. Inside is a soft satin container.


Wood Mahogany Box

If you need something bigger, then this Wood Mahogany Box offers 6″ ceramic tile instead. Still with the same satin soft inner container.


Ladies Wallet

How about this Ladies Wallet? Any mother, both young or old will love this wallet made of soft leather. Although it only has a single zipper, there are two separate compartments inside with six credit card slots. You can even personalize the image area with your own photo measuring 7.5″ x 3.75.”


Personalized V.I.P. Luggage Tag

Make any mom’s luggage tag look chic and professional with this Personalized V.I.P. Luggage Tag. The item comes with a sturdy leather buckled strap and a silver-plated tag you can personalize with 3 initials via a monogram font.


Cup Case with Personalized Charm

Protect mom’s undergarments in style through the Cup Case with Personalized Charm with bejeweled zipper. It comes with various colors including hot pink, pretty purple, red hot, and little black dress color designs. Choose your color and customize it with up a message of up to 10 characters.


Spa Chic Personalized Soap Gift Set with Loofa Sponge

The Spa Chic Personalized Soap Gift Set with Loofa Sponge is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift in this selection.  Savor the scent of green tea and olive oil in a custom gift box. The box contains two bar soaps of green tea and one olive oil with a loofa sponge. You can personalize the soap bars with 1-3 character initials.


Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy receiving your gifts or giving gifts for this very special occasion for women!

Fun Personalized Birthday Gifts and Decoration Ideas

If you have a Birthday coming up or are planning a surprise party for a loved one, choose to make it a special one with unique personalized party decorations! You may be thinking to yourself that personalized gifts and decorations are very expensive, but really, they are actually quite affordable. This is especially true when you choose key items to mix in with standard party decorations like streamers and balloons.

VegasIf you are planning a themed party, make the guest of honor feel extra special with a personalized sign.  It will look great with any party decorations and really stand out for everyone to see. Place the sign at the entrance to the party venue, place it near food and drinks or hang it at a central location for everyone to admire. At the end of the night, it’s also a wonderful keepsake that can be added to home décor and bring back memories for years to come.

mug_morph55If the party is for a younger audience or you would like to add something cute to the décor, consider a personalized stuffed bear with a photo of the Birthday boy/girl right in the middle. It’s an adorable look that really makes the atmosphere feel fun. Tie a bunch of balloons to the bear to really make a dramatic impact! A sweet

sandstonecoaster_copy1Other great unique party decoration ideas that look great but are also functional are custom printed coasters. They are perfect for protecting furniture from water stains but also look great when personalized with entertaining photos of the guest of honor with their friends and loved one. They are simple coasters but a superb way to walk down memory lane with everyone.

810_frame16A fun addition for birthday decorations are custom printed can wraps. Instead of advertising different drink brands, wrap them up in personalized covers that make all of the drinks unique to the party. They look great for adult or children’s parties and can easily be printed with a variety of photos. The best part is they can be reused for many different occasions throughout the year.

Look outside of the box when planning a fun birthday party by using decorations that are beyond the traditional ones. Mix, match and play around with different ideas. Use a few personalized items or go all out with a whole set for something really special.