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Custom Design iPhone Cases

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Still looking for iPhone 5 cases which perfectly match your style? Look no further! Snappy Photo Gifts presents new iPhone 5 cases along with other custom design iPhone cases you can personalize and customize.


iPhone 5

Let’s start with the highly anticipated iPhone 5 case. The light but durable plastic case is ideal for daily use. It’s designed to accommodate all ports and control buttons of your new iPhone 5.

Price: $17.00


iPhone 4 or 4S case

Another must-see are these iPhone 4 or 4S case variants. These are also lightweight, durable, and designed for daily use. Similarly, all ports and button controls are accessible.

Price: $17.00 


Personalized Brilliant Brights iPhone Cases

You may also opt for these Personalized Brilliant Brights iPhone Cases. These fun and fashionable cases offer protection for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models in bright designs and colors. These are also very durable due to their hard polycarbonate shell. These measure 4 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ x 3/8.” You can personalize the product with one line consisting of 10 characters.

Price: $21.99

Bride and Bridesmaid iPhone Covers

Lastly, consider these Bride and Bridesmaid iPhone Covers as wedding favors or gifts. Brides and bridesmaids can choose from colorful designs to protect their iPhones. The item also features a snap-on design made from durable polycarbonate shell. The product measures 4 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ x 3/8.” Check out each design and find out how you can have them personalized. Customization includes line and date.

Price: $21.99


Hurry and get your custom design iPhone cases now!

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

She is the one who holds a family together with love, compassion and a lot of understanding. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it is time to think of great Mother Day gift ideas. There are many different gift choices that are both functional and sentimental, which is a great way to show her how much you love and appreciate all that she does.

personalized-swarovski-crystal-penHelp Mom Get Organized

Every mom has to stay on target with her busy schedule, so helping her stay organized in style is a quick and easy plan for this Mother’s Day.

A custom monogrammed notebook is a great option for any mother who likes to plan her day out on paper. A simple ruled notebook is lightweight and easy to carry around in a tote, handbag or backpack. The added monogram is a special touch to give mom something just for her.

In addition to the notebook, why not make a set of it with a beautiful personalized Swarovski crystal pen? It adds a touch of feminine glamor in an everyday pen. The lovely finish of the pen is enhanced with rows of crystals that make it sparkle in the light. The compact size makes it easy to pop into a purse or clip it to a checkbook.

personalized-compactHelp Mom Look Great

Sometimes mothers do not have the time to take care of herself the way she would like, so when she’s on the run, give her a gift to help her look great all the time.

A beautiful personalized compact mirror with engraved name or monogram will surely make her smile. They are pretty and practical for any occasion. Choose from fun colorful designs or classic silver plating.

A satin monogrammed cosmetics bag is just the thing to hold all of the essential beauty products for a day on the run.  They are a small compact size but still accommodate for all of the basics that most women use each day. Great to keep at work, stored in the car and a necessity for travel.

personalized-pashmina-scarfHelp Mom Glam It Up

Every mom loves to look and feel glamorous every now and then, which is why you just cannot go wrong with a stylish fashion item or jewelry piece.

No matter the weather or the occasion, a custom embroidered pashmina scarf is just what every woman can love and appreciate. Add to that an embroidered monogram and she won’t be able to resist wearing it every day.

If your mom says her children are her only pride and joy, then giving her a personalized photo charm bracelet is the best gift choice around. Make each charm a different child’s photo or mix it up with different facial expressions that she knows well and loves all the same.

Just like the charm bracelet, there is the option of getting a custom engraved charm necklace. It is a longer version of the bracelet which is a great complement for a complete set.

If your mother loves jewelry but needs a good place to store it all, give her a picture mounted jewelry box. It’s a beautiful wooden box that can easily sort various jewelry items and remind her of loved ones with the addition of a large photo mounted top.

personalized-soap-gift-setHelp Mom Relax

Everyone needs some rest and relaxation at one point or another, and moms are no exception. Give her a gift that reminds her of a luxurious spa that she can enjoy at the end of every long day.

What could be more luxurious than a beautiful personalized soap gift set? Monogrammed olive and green tea soaps, a soft sea sponge and all professionally packaged in a gift box. It is a great spa-themed gift choice for absolute relaxation at home. What could be more appealing than that?

Finally, just before closing her eyes for the night, give her one last relaxing touch with a personalized pillowcase that has a touch of lavender essential oil. This gives her ultimate escape right in her own home.

3 Personalized Wine Glass Options

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Snappy Photo Gifts have just about everything you can think of including personalized wine glass! In this feature, we present 3 wine glass products with designs you can customize for a stylish and elegant look.


Engraved Connoisseur Red Wine Glass

Starting with the Engraved Connoisseur Red Wine Glass, get a goblet which sparkles with elegance as a wedding gift or favor or for any other occasion or purpose. This item will definitely impress anyone as it accommodates 19 ounces of your favorite wine drink. You can also customize it with two lines matching the recipient’s personality. You can include up to 15 characters per line.

Price: $16.00 


Personalized Red Wine Glass

Here’s another red wine goblet sparkling with elegance and works as a perfect personalized gift for all occasions, person, and purpose, the Personalized Red Wine Glass. It can also hold 19 ounces of wine. Personalize it with an engraved initial of the receiver designed through a classic font.

Price: $16.99 


Personalized White Wine Glass

Lastly, you can also bring home the Personalized White Wine Glass. Like the other wine goblets, this item is an elegant product perfect as a gift item for any who enjoys a sip of rich wine. The glass can accommodate 19 ounces. Like the previous item, this goblet can be customized with the recipient’s single initial.

Price: $16.99

Let these personalized wine glass products enrich your wine experience today!

How to Make Electronics and Gadgets Stand Out from the Rest


There are new releases each year and have become essential tools for day-to-day use. From popular computers, mobile phones and tablets, it can be difficult to differentiate your gadgets from everyone else’s. Having the same devices as everyone around you can seem quite boring and it opens up a window for easy mix-ups. A wonderful way to make all of your electronic devices your own is by adding a personal touch as decoration.


Tablets like iPad and Kindle are among the fastest growing products that are becoming a household necessity. The majority of these tablets are similar in size and come in standard black, white or silver colors. Apart from the various functions, there is little else to make these devices as stylish as you.

Although there are standard cases that can be purchased to protect tablets and make them a little different from others, they are generally quite plain. For a quick and inexpensive way to personalize tablets, you can print a photograph on a custom tablet snap case. Choose any photo you like most, have it printed and simply snap the case to the back of the iPad for protection and style. If you would like something a little more sophisticated, consider getting a personalized laser engraved tablet case. They protect the device from dust, scratches and drops but also look professional with engraved monogram detail. Great for business or home use.


kindle_snap_caseSmartphones, like the ever popular iPhone are found all over the world in the hands of millions of people. Just like the tablets, there are different cases and covers that can be purchased but they can certainly get boring quickly. Instead, get a bright and colorful iPhone case that is personalized with a name, message, monogram or custom photo.  An instant stylish touch to protect your phone and also a great way to keep track of your device amongst others.


One final device that many people do not think to do is personalize a USB flash drive. Many people use them on a daily basis and they are an important gadget for school, business and for personal use. Since such a small device holds so many important files, it is important to get a quality stick for reliability but also custom decorate it in order to keep track of it and make it more personal. A USB flash drive placed on a keychain is a great way to keep it close and secure. Add engraved initials, a message or name, and it immediately becomes an easily recognizable item should it ever become misplaced.

Custom designing gadget accessories is a great way to extend your own personal style into the devices that you love and use each day. Treating them with such care and protecting them with stylish covers and cases will not only ensure they remain in good condition but also extend their lifespan, which is always a good investment.

Personalized Kitchenware Bestsellers

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Who says kitchenware items are boring or too formal? With our personalized kitchenware bestsellers, you can transform your kitchen into a fun and colorful area and make your cooking and kitchen related activities more enjoyable.


Cutting Board Tempered Glass – Large

Let’s start with the Cutting Board Tempered Glass – Large item. This glass cutting board lets you have it customized with any imprint of your choice. This durable and dishwasher safe cutting board works for homes and restaurants alike. The item measures 15.74″ x 11.8″ x 5/32.”

Price: $34


Cutting Board Tempered Glass – Small

Next up is the Cutting Board Tempered Glass – Small item. It’s similar to the previous product with its glass coated board that’s durable and dishwasher safe but with a smaller, handier look and feel. It also works for homes and restaurants and can be imprinted with image of your choice. The product measures 11.3″ x 8″ x 5/32″

Price: $18.95 


Cake / Casserole Pan

Last but certainly not the least is the dishwasher-safe Cake / Casserole Pan product. It works as a serving dish or cake pan with a lid which can be sealed with a lid in a snap. It’s perfect for casseroles or cakes. The item measures 13″x9″ and is made from stainless steel.

Price: $41.50 


With these personalized kitchenware bestseller products, you too can make your kitchen and cooking more fun and enjoyable!

How to Choose the Right Gifts for Grandparents

810_frameThey are the ones who spoil the little ones and teach essential life lessons. Grandparents are important in every family unit and certainly loved by everyone, especially the grandchildren. Whether it is for a Birthday, holiday or just a token of appreciation for any day, show your love by giving grandparents custom made gifts that are special and unique for any time of the year.

Children love to craft and paint special artwork for their family. One of the best gift ideas that would be perfect for grandparents is a personalized frame that proudly displays a photo and artwork from the little ones they love. There are many different frames that come in a wide range of sizes, which makes it easy to fit any artwork. Most frames will also have the option to add an engraved message and other special frames can easily be customized with images, graphics and words. It is a simple gift idea with a huge loving touch that anyone would love to receive.

pillow_sham_polyFor those days when grandparents just want to sit back and relax, why not give them a gift that they can use and enjoy? A lovely gift idea that is comfortable and reminds grandparents of their beloved grandchildren would be a set of personalized pillow shams. They come in standard sham sizes, which are easy to throw on existing pillows, and they work well with virtually any home décor. Grandma and grandpa will surely love to see those smiling faces each day, especially while relaxing at home.

For the grandmothers and grandfathers who love their morning coffee or tea, there is a cute gift idea that they can use every day while looking into the faces of their loving grandchildren. A custom printed mug is a sweet functional item that works perfectly for both grandparents throughout the year. They can both be printed and designed with the same photograph or two different photographs of their pride and joy.  If a simple mug doesn’t seem like enough, there is always the option of giving a set of mugs with different photos printed on each one. white_mug15Create a mug according to each season, holiday or one mug per grandchild. The possibilities are endless and they are sure to put a smile on their faces!

Giving grandparents a gift for any occasion does not have to be extravagant or even expensive, they only have to be from the heart. Think about what they like or could need and make that gift extra special by making it more personal. Even if the grandchildren are not around every day, they can still enjoy seeing them through simple personalized gifts that can be used or seen each and every day.

Personalized Pencil Holders for Sale

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Personalized pencil holders can transform your holder into a stylish and sentimental one. You can design the holder with a favorite picture of your family or style it with any artwork, logo, or image you’d like. Personalizing your holder will definitely spice up your work desk at home or in the office. So make your pen, pencil, scissor, and other items ready with a newly styled holder!


In this post, we bring you 2 pencil holders on sale so you not only bring home a customized holder; you also save money at the same time!


Pencil Holder – Mahogany

Choose from 2 designs in either Mahogany or Maple. You can include your photo, logo, or design on a 4.25″ square tile.

Price: formerly $42.50, now only $37.50


Pencil Holder – Maple

It’s also available in 2 new designs which are Mahogany or Maple. There’s also Features a 4.25″ square tile.

Price: formerly $42.50, now only $37.50


With these 2 personalized pencil holders, you can keep away the old and unfashionable items and bring in new chic and sleek holders for your pen, pencil, scissors, and other office items!

Unique Inspirational Gift Ideas

Inspirational gifts are a wonderful choice for special occasions like baptisms, Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings but also for times when loved ones need a sense of reassurance and comfort. They are meant to reinforce positive beliefs, soothe an uneasy soul and provide support in times of feeling lost. There are many unique inspirational gift ideas that are sophisticated and beautiful, making them classic choices for any occasion.

One of the most powerful symbols that inspire people is the standard cross. There are many variations in look and style but the overall design will be the same. A way to make a cross more personal and unique in a gift is to personalize it with a quote, saying or personal message to the gift receiver. Depending on the size of the gift, a short message or simple monogram engraving can instantly make a gift look one-of-a-kind.

pocket_watch_4Gift Ideas for Men

Men young and old can certainly appreciate a sophisticated accessory item, especially when it comes to looking their finest for special occasions like a wedding, anniversary or graduation. A stylish yet refined gift choice that also shows one’s beliefs is a classic pocket watch. The older generation will appreciate the old world charm and the younger men will find the fashionable style trendy due to the recent popularity of steampunk designs. If antique style is not something that would suit a certain occasion, there is always the option to choose a cross dog tag necklace that has a sleek modern look with a masculine feel. This is a great choice for longer engraved messages and looks great with any personality.    


bracelet1Gift Ideas for Women

Women are always on the lookout for new accessory pieces to add to their collection and inspirational jewelry is always a favorite. For particular occasions that may not suit largely embellished accessories, consider a simple leather bracelet with the addition of a custom engraved plate that can easily hold a name or short message of encouragement and love. This bracelet is a beautiful choice for women who enjoy dressing casually but would also like to add something feminine to the mix. For something a little more feminine, consider a beautiful silver compact mirror with engraved cross. It has a simple yet striking look that any woman would surely love and appreciate. The addition of initials or a name will make it that much more personal and unique.

Choosing a special gift that inspires the one you love is something that many people seem to have trouble with but with a little imagination and a message of love, the gift will always stay close to their heart. Trinkets as gifts seem to come and go, but a timeless functional piece for men or for women is something that can easily be kept for many years to come.