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Bestseller Personalized Office Supplies

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Perk up the office and make every minute at work fun through personalized office supplies! You can turn your coffee mug, lunch box, drink can, erase board, clipboard, notebook, and mouse pad cool and enjoyable to use through our bestseller personalization and customization ideas.


Coffee Sleeve

personalized office items

Coffee Sleeve

This neoprene coffee cup sleeve fits cups accommodating 10, 12, 16, and 20 oz drinks. Ideal for coffee lovers with a knack for style even with their drinking cups. Personalize this item with your name, a phrase, or any image you’d like to include on a 5.1″ wide by 3.2″ high design area. Design will be the same on both sides.

Price: $6.50


Lunch Tote

Lunch Tote

This neoprene mini lunch tote bag is a stylish lunch companion. Measuring 9.5″ high x 9″ wide with 4.75″ width, you can carry it with you anywhere. Add your personal touch through an imaging area of 5.5″ x 9″.

Price: $26.50


Can Wrap

Can Wrap

This can wrap insulates your 12 oz drink and keeps it cool longer. This neoprene wrap can be easily folded with its seams and slotted bottom. You can also personalize it with any photo of your choice. Same prints on both sides.

Price: now only $8.75


Metal Dry Erase Board

Metal Dry Erase Board

This 11″ x 14″ durable steel metal dry erase board lets you personalize it with any image, design, or even a calendar. You can use the rest of the space for scheduling, bills, grocery list, reminders, notes, and more.

Price: $28.00 


Clipboard: two-sided w/ standard clip

Clipboard two sided w/ standard clip

Organizing has never been more personalized with this 9″ x 12 1/2″ clipboard: two-sided w/ standard clip item and its dry erase surface area. Customize it with an image on both sides of the clipboard.

Price: $19.50 


Notebook medium sized

Notebook medium sized

Scribble anything on this notebook medium sized item. It also features a flap for more papers and an elastic band for your pen. Customize the cover with an image area of 6″ wide by 9″ high, giving you a room to add a personal photo, company logo, or anything else you’d like to highlight. The notebook is perfect for business people, writers, and students.

Price: $24.00 


Notebook large sized

Notebook large sized

If you need more scribbling space, get this notebook large sized item instead. The image area is larger at 8″ wide by 12 1/2″ high for your photo, logo, or any other item you’d like to include. It still features a flap for papers and an elastic band for your pen. It works for students and professionals alike.

Price: $32.00 


Personalized Mouse pad

Personalized Mouse Pad

This personalized mouse pad lets you print pictures of fond memories with its standard 7 3/4″ x 9 1/4″ x 1/4″ size. It’s also made of high-density rubber to withstand wear and tear from daily use.

Price: $8.95 


Round Mouse Pad

Round Mouse Pad

Want a round mouse pad instead? Get this 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 1/4″ item with its durable, textured fabric top, and rubber back to minimize slips and scratch. It’s also made from a full 1/4″ thick pad and not the usual thin 1/8″ pads. Both fiber optics and roller ball mouse can easily glide through its polyester surface.

Price: $8.50 


So who says the office boring? Try our personalized office supplies now and transform your daily work routine more enticing and exciting!

Personalized Baby Gift Ideas

The arrival of a new baby is a wonderful time for any family. Whether it is for first-time parents, a baby’s first special occasion or for the proud grandparents, there are many lovely gift options that are both practical and sentimental to have as a keepsake.

For Parents and the Baby

baby ornament

During the first year of a baby’s life, there are many things that it needs in order to stay warm, dry and comfortable.  Considering these needs, there are a few adorable gift ideas that will help provide these comforts and help the parents along the way as well.

To keep a baby warm and cozy in any environment, choose a soft personalized baby blanket with soft colors and cute details. Add a photo or information of the baby for a sweet personalized touch. One inevitable thing that all parents will have to deal with is a lot drool in the first few months of a new baby’s life. Any items that can help wipe up that drool and still look cute is a great help for everyday use. A set of personalized bibs is the perfect gift choice since they are washable, keep babies clean and dry, while also looking unique with a printed photo of the baby right on the bib itself!

When big celebrations come around, there are more gift ideas that are perfect for new babies since the first year will be filled with “Baby’s Firsts”. One item that many families keep for years and years are baby holiday ornaments. Add a photo, message, name or monogram to a simple ornament to commemorate a new occasion for a new family member.

For the Grandparents

Grandparents are always beaming with a new addition to the family. As a way to celebrate such a happy occasion, giving them a considerate keepsake gift is the best way to help them display their pride and joy. There are many different photo frames that can be modified with a special message or name and birth information of the baby. Having a sweet message next to the baby’s photo is sure to put a smile on the grandparent’s faces every time they see the frame.

Group Gift Idea


Many groups have a problem finding a suitable gift to give new parents, especially since the majority of gifts will consist of clothing, toys and towels. One fun and unique gift idea that many people never consider is a personalized photo frame with signed names from everyone in the group. They are a wonderful way to display the new baby’s photo and surround it with names of loved ones who are thrilled to see the newest addition to the family. The parents will immediately see the love and care placed into the gift and they will be able to keep it as a special memory for many years to come.

Personalized baby gifts are the best choice for thoughtful one-of-a-kind items that can be used, kept and even passed on from one generation to another. They are fun quirky and totally sweet.


Personalized Cosmetic Bags and Mirrors for Women

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Is your bag a labyrinth of disorganized items where you have to search in a maze for your makeup pieces, perfume, smart phone, and other personal stuff? Then you need one of our personalized cosmetic bags!

Cosmetic Bag

Our neoprene cosmetic bag is a best seller! By buying, you are entitled to personalize a 10” x 6” area for imprints. You may print your name, a short tag line, or anything you’d like to showcase. The bag not only works for cosmetics but also for electronic products like your phone, gaming gadget, or music player. It’s perfect as a gift item for you and for everyone else!

Price: $12.50

Compact Mirrors

Complete your cosmetic bag with these fantastic personalized mirrors! You can get a round piece or a square one.


Square Compact Mirror


The square compact mirror is a shiny, silver personal compact mirror. You can decorate it with a photo, pattern, your initials, or anything else you’d like to customize it with. The design area measures 2 1/4” x 2 1/4”. It’s another best seller.

Price: $9


Round Compact Mirror


You may also like it round and add the round compact mirror in your cosmetic bag instead. It’s also a shiny silver compact mirror with a 2” design area that you can personalize with an image, logo, initials, or any other pattern you’d like to use. It’s also a best seller.

Price: $9

Both mirrors are ideal gift items for yourself or for women you cherish.

Go get your personalized cosmetic bags and mirrors now!

Fun Home Accents to Define Spaces

Most modern homes have an open-concept design where there are no clearly defined rooms as older apartments and homes used to have. The open space makes everything look big and spacious but can also create some problems when trying to define particular areas in the home. Adding partitions and screens can certainly do the trick, but there are other options that are fun and can easily be personalized as well.


One way that many people choose to separate living spaces is by placing large furniture like a hutch in the middle of the floor, using it as a partial wall. Other furniture options are large bookcases or sideboards to define particular rooms within an open-concept layout but also allow a clear view in order to maintain an open feel.

Using different types of furniture can help define rooms but they are not always the most practical or affordable choice in apartments and homes. Look through existing furniture pieces to see if any would work well in between spaces. If they do not work, there are still other options available that can work well.

Custom Signs


balletA very simple and affordable way to separate rooms is by placing custom or personalized signs. Believe it or not, a simple sign can instantly define one room from another. To mark an entrance or living room, place a lager framed photograph or sign with the family name. A popular style that is used today is by using an urban alphabet architectural family name print for creating a warm welcome into a home or living space.

Another type of sign that can be used is a name and graphic for defining children’s rooms and play areas (like this personalized girl’s room sign). The sign should be placed at eye-level to clearly show a change in space and the children will also love the fact that they have a sign of their own.


mancaveFinally, as a way to add a special touch to a basement, office or lounge just for the boys, there are many creative pub and bar signs that can be used. Place them on the central wall, on a load-bearing post that may be in the middle of the room or hang a larger one from the ceiling as a fun floating partition.

Rugs and Screens

Two final ways that can help homeowners divide rooms in open-concept spaces is by cleverly using rugs and room screens. Large rugs can easily outline one room from another and the addition of a standing room screen can help add a little more privacy between spaces. The best part about using rugs and screens is the fact that they can be easily moved around the home when needed. Much more versatile and far more affordable when compared to changing flooring throughout the home.

Having bright open space in a home is a great way to keep things light and airy, but using a few crafty decorating tips can define various rooms without losing out on the open feel.

Snappy Corporate Promotional Products

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Snappy Photo Gifts exists not only for your personal needs when it comes to customized and personalized photo gifts and items. We also offer corporate promotional products for your business! Check out our Snappy Promotional Products site!

Snappy Promotional Products showcases more than 300,000 items you can offer for your business. Items can be offered as giveaways when launching a new product or service, as a means to show gratitude to loyal customers, and as rewards for contests.

Browse through hundreds of thousands in our collection of items. If you’re looking for timely, hip, and modern designs, check out the New and Trendy section. You may also choose from our Tradeshow Favorites selection and use items which are everyone’s favorites. If you’d like affordable giveaways, the Everything Under $1 is the category for you.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Use the search field on the left! Just type in the product keyword under the Shop for Products section to begin your search.

Each individual item can be personalized or customized with your brand. You may incorporate your company logo, name, or tag line.

Suggestions and Ideas

Don’t know or not sure which item to choose from hundreds of thousands available? Here’s a little guideline for you:

1. Choose a product that’s related to your company or the target audience you intend to distribute the items to.


Carabiner Key Chain


Say your company is vehicle related such as a repair shop, gasoline station, accessories store, driving school, and more; the Carabiner Key Chain is recommended. You pay only .85 cents when you order 250 and pay even less when you buy more.

2. The ideal items should be really useful at the moment when you plan to promote your own products and services.


corporate promotional products

Cold Beverage Plastic Stadium Cup


This plastic, white, 16 oz Cold Beverage Plastic Stadium Cup is perfect for events. You can join fun runs, sports activities, and other action packed happenings. You can offer a free drink through the cup and promote your company by personalizing the logo or image printed on it. If your product is a beverage, then it’s also perfect under guideline #1.

3. Choose something which people will use or keep.


corporate promotional products

EVA Foam Bookmark


If you are targeting teachers, students, office employees, and everyone who loves to read or is around books often, the EVA Foam Bookmark will be something they won’t part with. You can choose from color options of Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow with sizes between 7″ x 2″ to 8″ x 2″. Order at least 100 pieces and get each item for only .79 per piece. It costs less when you buy more items.

4. Select items which match the season.


corporate promotional products

Sun Visor


This polystyrene Sun Visor is perfect for the summer! It’s available in colors of Black, Blue, Eco Navy Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Orange, Red, Teal, White, and Yellow with sizes between 7 1/2″ x 9 1/2.” It only costs .85 cents each when you order at least 250 items. The price per piece decreases when you purchase more.

5. Lastly, just choose based on your own preferences!

Visit the Snappy Photo Gifts corporate promotional products page now and enjoy the benefits of affordable, high quality, and diverse options for your business.

10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Men

There are many different occasions throughout a year that are celebrated with families and friends. There are Birthdays, Father’s Day, Graduations, Valentine’s Day and other holidays that give opportunity to show the men in our lives just how much they are loved and appreciated.  Although many people have a hard time trying to find the perfect gift for men, there are actually many different options available for every personality out there.

Sports Men

Men of all ages can enjoy one sport or another. Whether they consider sports a hobby or a passion, there are several gift ideas that would be perfect to give for any occasion.


Photo Sports Balls – It is possible to personalize pretty much any sports ball for a sports-lover. Add photos, names or a message on footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, rugby balls, golf balls and even hockey pucks!

Display Cases – To make the perfect set for a special sports ball, why not display it in a classic case? They are ideal for displaying autographed balls or personalized pucks and balls. Consider them a special protective touch for those important pieces of memorabilia.


Car Men

Many men can appreciate a well-made vehicle.  From classic American muscle cars to reliable everyday trucks, giving a gift related to cars is ideal for any man who loves to hear the engines roar.

License Plates – A great gift option is a customized license plate or license plate frame. Add their favorite colors, images or graphics to add a unique touch for their car or truck.



No matter the season, there is always time to spend in the great outdoors. Some men love to play sports, hunt, or just plain sit around the campfire with friends. To give him a gift that is not only functional but also personal, try something that would work no matter where they are outdoors.


Coolers – Get a large cooler bag (and add some extras inside) because they can carry a lot and help keep drinks nice and cool for those hot summer days out with friends.

Multi-purpose Tool – The ideal gift for the man who can do it all outdoors, a multi-purpose tool can come in handy on the trails, while camping or even while sitting around a campfire.


Business Men

For the business-minded man who wears a suit and works in an office, there are many personal gifts that have a more sophisticated corporate feel to them. Give them something sweet and sentimental by adding a favorite quote or a message from loved ones.

Cufflinks – A necessity for many who love to wear French cuff shirts, cufflinks can be easily engraved with a monogram or short message of love.

Pen Sets – Stationery is always useful in business. Offering a high quality pen set with engraved name or message adds that extra special touch to help remind them of how much they are loved.



Know any men who love to play games and just have fun?  If so, they should have their own “man cave” complete with all the bells and whistles for those game weekends they live for.

Pub Signs – A classic pub sign is the perfect touch for a games room. It created the ideal environment for hours of games, drinks and laughter with friends.


Family Men

For the hard-working dad who loves nothing more than spending time with the family, there are many different gift choices available. Personalize them with favorite photos or messages to show them they are number one in the family.


Shirts – Custom made t-shirts with a photo of the kids is a wonderful gift idea for the dad who has it all. Let him wear his pride and joy while spending time with the ones he loves most.

Mugs – A personalized mug is a great gift to give for the man who loves his daily coffee or tea. Keep it at home or take it to work, the ones he holds close to his heart can be with him anywhere he goes.

Each one of these gift options is stylish and functional, which is perfect year round. To make it even more personal, consider personalizing it with their name or a sweet little message from you, the children or the whole family. These keepsake gifts are perfect to keep memories alive for a lifetime.

Feel the Warmth with this Personalized Scarf

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Still feeling the cool breeze of spring? Then this personalized scarf can definitely make you feel the warmth! If you’re wrapping one as a gift, anyone who will receive this item will also experience the warmth of your love!

Our personalized Pashmina scarves our inspired by the British Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton so everyone who wears these over their shoulders will certainly highlight any type of wardrobe they wear with elegance, whether it be a blouse, t-shirt, and so on.

Speaking of weddings, this scarf makes a perfect wedding gift for the bride or for bridesmaids and as a stylish wedding favor for guests, both women and men. Sorry guys, this item may look like it’s designed for the ladies but you know we love you so can always give it to someone else but not just any ordinary someone but someone you adore.

personalized scarf

Personalized Pashmina Scarf

This scarf is for the keeping! It works not only for weddings but  for any occasion as well. It works as a fashionable accessory to complement a blouse, shirt, tube, tank top, blazer, jacket, and anything else you’d like to wear. Pashmina is not too thick or too light. It’s made from pashmina/silk and creates that soft, light, and warm feel. It brings warmth for cold months and offers shade under the heat. It’s ideal to wear anytime of the year.

You can choose any of the four popular colors too! These include Petal Pink, Winter White, Black Noir, and Chocolate Truffle. This scarf measuring 28″ wide and 72″ long can be further personalized through an embroidered line with up to 15 characters using any of our 15 available colors. Color options include:

  • yellow
  • white
  • red
  • cucumber lime
  • bubblegum pink
  • lilac lavender
  • chocolate truffle
  • royal blue
  • graphite grey
  • midnight black
  • tangerine orange
  • blue waters
  • sassy pink
  • O’Kelly green
  • perfect purple

So come and order this personalized scarf now! Hurry while it’s still on sale!

5 Unique Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

Weddings are beautiful occasions that are memorable in a couple’s life. A unique gift to help commemorate this special milestone is something that can be difficult to do since most people have no idea where to begin. Choose a thoughtful gift by personalizing it especially for the couple. It’s a wonderful way to show love and offer a gift that will bring wonderful memories for years to come.

Functional Gifts for Every Couple 

monogrammed beddingFor a functional and sophisticated personalized gift idea, monogrammed bedding is certainly at the top of the list. From pillowcases, shams, sheets and blankets, there are many different options to get a design that will reflect the style and personality of the wedding couple. There are many different colors available but to stay on the safe side, classic white can’t be beat. Bedding is not just a simple functional gift, adding a personal touch makes it unique and truly special.




wineAnother wonderful idea that every newlywed couple could use in their home is a classic set of monogrammed wine glasses. They are ideal for everyday use or for entertaining guests. Etching simple initials into plain wine glasses will instantly make the set look expensive and truly thoughtful.




A Memento for All Time  

keepsake_boxEveryone’s wedding is a very special moment in life and having that memory preserved in time is important. Some people prefer to keep their memories in a special place that can be viewed every so often, which is why keepsake boxes are a very popular option as a wedding gift. Although it may not seem like an extravagant gift choice, it’s certainly one of the most considerate gifts that a couple could receive. Depending on the type of style the couple may have, there is a variety of keepsake boxes that can be personalized with the date of the wedding, name of the wedding couple or a simple message of love. Choose wooden boxes for a more rustic look, a silver plated box for a classic luxury feel or a glass top box for a sleek modern look.



weddingFor the bride and groom who love to have their favorite wedding photo displayed to see each day, a beautiful engraved or custom designed picture frame is certainly a good gift idea. There are many different colors, sizes and styles to choose from. It’s always recommended to stay fairly neutral when choosing home décor items since the main purpose of the gift is to display the photograph and personalized message along with it. Try to choose simple frame designs in neutral colors so that it can easily fit into any room of the home.




Have Some Fun!

If standard wedding gifts seem a little too boring, there’s a fun unique gift idea that can put a smile on anyone’s face. Why not try a custom-made puzzle game? They are a fantastic gift idea to get a couple reminiscing their special day, while spending quality time together. There are different puzzle sizes from beginner to advanced game lovers and all that’s needed is a high-quality photo to print on the pieces.

Choosing a great wedding gift doesn’t have to be difficult or even expensive. It should be something that comes from the heart to show the couple just how important they are and how their special day is one that won’t soon be forgotten. Adding an extra touch of engraving, printing or embroidery to a gift will not only show how much thought was place into the item but also makes the gift truly one-of-a-kind.       

Personalized Tote Bag on Sale for All Your Needs

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A personalized tote bag is perfect for all your needs! You can bring it with you shopping in shops, malls or at the grocery, meeting up for personal or business purposes, and even for gardening! But you don’t really want to make a mess of dirt, dust, and soil with such a tidy bag right? But whatever the case is, whenever it is – spring, summer, winter, or fall, and for whichever reason you are going to carry this petite bag for, you’ve made the right choice to bring it home for yourself or for a loved one!


personalized tote bag

Personalized Roman Holiday Petite Tote


Our Roman Holiday Petite Tote Bag is not just for the Romans or for holidays, it is for you and everyone else at any time of the year. And we’re glad to display it on sale this month!

Each order lets you choose your own color and include initials you’d like us to embroider on the bag. You can select the Black with Natural Trim bag or the Natural with Black Trim variety. As for the embroidery thread color, you can opt for plain and usual colors like yellow, white, and red; experiment with richer textures of cucumber lime, bubblegum pink, lilac lavender, chocolate truffle, royal blue, graphite grey, and midnight black; or try our new set of hues including tangerine orange, blue waters, sassy pink, O’Kelly green, and perfect purple.

This bag is currently offered at only $20.69 a piece so take advantage of the promo while it lasts!

This fashionable bag can be expandable to accommodate all your belongings with its flat bottom, snap closure feature, and pockets fashionably found outside or zippered securely inside. The bag measures 8 1/2″ in length x 5 1/4″ in width x 11 1/2″ in height.

Hurry and get this personalized tote bag now while it’s still on sale!